Brad Reifler Wants To Help The 99% Invest

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur that has started three companies. After obtaining his Bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College, he went on to found and serve as Chief Executive Officer of his company Reifler Trading Company. In 1995 he founded Pali Capital, where he was Chairman and CEO. His latest venture is Forefront Income Trust, where he is the Chief Executive Officer.

The goal that Brad Reifler has with Forefront Income Trust is to help regular people “turn money into more money”. Brad has stated that he used to only focus on high net worth individuals, and founded Forefront Income Trust with the intent to help middle class people save and invest. When his elderly father in law asked Brad to manage his investments, Brad was surprised to learn that because the father in law wasn’t an accredited investor there were lucrative strategies that he was locked out of. There are specialty finance programs that to date have only been available to the richest 1% and Brad wants to make these programs available to everyone.

In this fund, Brad Reifler gives an opportunity to middle class people to invest in these strategies with a minimum of $2,500. The investments are not correlated to the stock market and so gives the investor greater diversity versus just holding stocks and bonds. Brad has also structured the fund so that his company earns nothing until their clients make an 8% return on their investment.

Brad Reifler has explained that there are three main problems that middle class investors face. The first is that they face fees that not only are far too high but that also make money for the brokers regardless of their performance. The second is that most people are not allowed to participate in some investments, unlike the richest of us. The third is that regular investors have far too much risk as most of their money is exposed to the ups and downs of the stock markets. His goal with Forefront Income Trust is to change all three of these factors.

PodcastOne: The Future of Radio?

For the paranormal lovers out there, this one is for you. Norman Pattiz, Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, has announced the release of a new podcast – Beyond the Darkness, which will feature a number of interesting conversations with internationally acclaimed paranormal researchers. The show will explore various topics, some of which include ghosts, angels, demons, the afterlife, paranormal activity, UFO sightings to name a few.


PodcastOne is one of the leading podcast networks in the United States of America, providing entertaining shows like this one. The entire network is solely advertiser supported and was founded by Norman Pattiz, who previously founded Westwood One, a radio broadcast company which is one of the biggest in America. Norman Pattiz is a well-known name in the field of broadcasting. In addition to Westwood One, Norman has been in charge of the management and distribution of some of the biggest networks in the entertaining industry including managing the radio division of NBC and CBS.


Norman Pattiz has been influential in the development of the radio and podcast industry in the United States of America. He was appointed by both President Clinton and President Bush as a member of the Broadcasting Board of the United States of America.


The idea of PodcastOne came to Pattiz when he was working alongside Kit Gray, representing and managing podcast of people from around the world. From there, he got the idea to establish Westwood One for the digital world, and thus, PodcastOne was born. Four years since the establishment of the company, their services include talent acquisition, marketing, and sales.


Stay busy, stay excited and be engaged – that is Norman Pattiz mantra for life. He believes staying focused and working hard is the best way to succeed in life. In a constant effort to make podcasts more like the radio, PodcastOne teamed up with the Associated Press which will work towards integrating up to date news articles within the podcast to offer the listener a more ‘radio-like’ listening experience.


Norman Pattiz aims to help transcend the medium of the radio and prosper in the digital world of podcasting. He believes that the world of podcast currently has untapped potential because of the sheer amount of companies and advertisers who have completely ignored the podcast business. Since the radio is a medium that is soon fizzling out, advertisers are forced to seek other options and switch over to podcasts to gain access to views and potential customers.


In the first year of its release, PodcastOne managed to gain six major brands who wanted to advertise on their podcasts. Today, this number has risen to thirty-six. Norman believes that soon, podcasts will be the future of the audio industry.

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Get Superior Inmate Calling Features From A Reliable Network

Securus Technologies is widely known for being one of the largest inmate regulating networks in the industry. They are responsible for monitoring, surveillance, and technical support for inmate calling networks. They recently did an audit on Global Tel-Link that spotted a few irregularities that were quickly corrected. The immediate correction of the few inaccuracies allowed Louisiana customers to receive free inmate calling features for a limited time. A PRN News reported did an article naming Securus Technologies one of the fastest growing inmate communications providers with many advanced technological features that save their customers time and money.


Certification 1 has allowed Securus Technologies to expand their network. They will train over 1,600+ IT professionals in inmate communications, monitoring, and customer service. Inmates around the world will have secure access to high end telecommunications to stay connected to their loved ones. They continue to lead the industry with advanced technological solutions that will maximize your inmate communications. They are proud to say they eliminate the commute to a correctional facility or finding an authorized agent. You can find out more about their features from their official website and receive promotional offers that will give you additional savings.


Securus Technologies Features


– Automated Services

– Advanced Pay

video chat

– Telephone Features

– Picture Mail

– Give Money

– Inmate Voicemail

and more…


Video chat features are brought to you by video giant Vimeo and gives you a high definition picture with superior sound. You can control the picture and the sound with just a few clicks of a button on your smartphone or pc. They offer many services that will continue to make them your number one source for inmate calling. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details today.

Alexandre Gama The International Businessman

Alexandre Gama of BrazilAlexandre Gama is an advertising executive from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He received in advertising degree from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He began his early career as a copywriter for companies like Ogilvy & Mather and v Almap BBDO. A major turning point in his career was when he became a Global Chief Creative Officer for Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Neogama was started by Alexandre Gama in 1999. His company quickly became one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil within a few years. Some of their work was given awards at the Cannes Festival.

Alexandre Gama decided to become partners with Bartle Bogle Hegarty and transformed his company into Neogama/BBH. Although he was not the sole owner, he still owned a large portion of the shares. The partnership excelled the company and they even won a Caboré award within the same year of the merger. Publicis Groupe purchased he combined company in 2012.

Alexandre decided to move his company back to Brazil to focus on Brazilian only projects. Neogama will no longer have any branding with the Bartle Bogle Hegarty company. They will work under Publicis Communications with Brazilian companies and will try to grow as a top ranking company.

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There’s No Limit To What A Magnises Membership Can Do

The brains behind Magnises is Billy McFarland, who is also a person who knows exactly what other people want to do when they go out to have fun. The creation of Magnises made it possible for many young people to be able to go out and have fun, without spending the extravagant amount of money that they would have to spend without the membership. Although Magnises can bring a lot of discounts on, it’s so much more than a discount membership, and members can tell you this. Many members love their membership, especially if they travel, go out to eat, go to events, go to clubs and more.

Magnises doesn’t just want people to attend their special events that are only for members because there’s more events, but Magnises can definitely throw a shindig. With these great parties, many members have been able to network with one another, learning more about each other’s backgrounds as well as their business backgrounds. Since Magnises also wants to help members in their professional life, many who have their own business or are trying to get their own business started can use their Magnises membership to their benefit. One way to better your business is by getting a WorkPass from Magnises, which is a new 2016 lifestyle perk.

The WorkPass is useful because it means you’ll be able to get your co-working space at Alley for $500 a month, and the pass itself will cost you only $99 per month. Using the co-working space can help you to propel your business to another level, and you can even use the space as a place to conduct business and to also bring in clients to sign paperwork and more. If you attend any event that. Also, take a visit to the Magnises clubhouse to meet other members.

Those who like to go out to eat will love Magnises because of the different events that they have that are built around eating. Go out to a restaurant opening, taste some great food, and even have a drink at a bar, all courtesy of your Magnises membership. Many of the bars will also give you free bottle service, depending on what you pay for. You can even receive discounts on your food when you go out to restaurants, and you’ll even be able to get reservations to restaurants that may be difficult to get into without your membership.

Your Magnises Black Card is your path to a better lifestyle, especially if you’re into going out and having fun. Get the ClubPass on your membership card on to allow you to get into any club, and you’ll never have to be stopped at the door and turned away because your Magnises membership will guarantee you will get inside. If you want to know more about all of the events that Magnises hosts, then use your Magnises Concierge because it has all of this information and much more and can even get you reservations if you need them.

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Trust Ignition Financial, Do Not Get Taken For A Ride

Car dealerships are a place that one can get taken for a ride, literally and in a financial sense. What most Americans do when they purchase their car is look for something that they like and that will fit into their budget at that very moment. What most do not consider is what is happening with the loan that they take out on that car. They may not focus that much on what interest rate they are paying or how this car will fit into their budget going forward.


The truth is that people can pay as much as 4 percent or even more in interest that they do not need to be paying. The reason is because car dealerships want to make some profit for themselves off of the financing as well. However, it is possible to correct this mistake and move forward towards a better future. The best way to do this is to speak with someone at Ignition Financial and ask them to “slash my payments”.


They can work with anyone who is interested in getting their interest rate lowered and also lowering those payments as well. This is important because the expense of a car is very high for the average American. It is a large part of their budget and can cause financial strain on those who are not staying on top of it.


Ignition is very straightforward about what they do. They want anyone who borrows money from them to understand what they are getting and what they are paying for that. It means having no hidden fees and making sure that all taxes are included in the price of the loan in very straightforward print.


Most people do not know what they are getting when they borrow their loans from dealerships. However, Ignition just does not deal with things that way. They want to ensure that they are helping people get better information and that they can plainly see that they are getting a better deal. Re-financing makes sense because Ignition Financial will make sure that they are making a better deal for the borrower.


The borrower can pay off their car more quickly and yet have smaller payments all at the same time. That means less stress for the borrower and more financial responsibility. The best part is that it does not take much time at all to get this done. Just a little of your time and you can have a much better auto financing situation.

SEC Whistleblowers and Labaton Sucharow

Whistleblowers all over the country are speaking out to report different forms of violations from Significant Securities.



In the year 2010, Congress passed Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which is the most important reform strategy in the U.S.A. financial control since the occurrence of the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act has many crucial reforms but the most important of them is the establishment of a whistleblower plan that offers employment protection and cash incentives for people to report probable abuse of federal securities regulations on the SEC.



Labaton Sucharow



Labaton Sucharow, in response to the historic legislation, became the first firm in the U.S. to form a practice that exclusively emphasized on supporting and protecting whistleblowers of SEC. This law firm has a securities litigation platform that is at the top in the market. Thus, the whistleblower representation consists of a world-class team of financial analysts, investigators, and accountants with both state and federal enforcement expertise to provide the best representation. The leader of this experienced team is Jordan A. Thomas who was for the former assistant chief litigation counsel and assistant director in the enforcement division at the SEC. while at the SEC, Thomas played a crucial role as leader in the formation of a program for whistleblowers. This involved drafting legislation and finally implementing rules.



The rules of this program state that the SEC must pay suitable whistleblowers a tenth to three tenths of the cash sanctions resulting from a victorious SEC implementation action(s) whose sanctions are worth more than $1M. If the threshold is exceeded, whistleblowers could also get more awards based on the cash sanctions received in related matters brought forth by other law governing institutions. The Dodd-Frank Act prevents employers from retaliation against whistleblowers that go to the SEC following the rules of the program. However, the most important thing is that whistleblowers can report any securities infringement anonymously when represented by a SEC Whistleblower lawyer.



Contact Information



To get more information on the whistleblower program or to request an evaluation of your case, contact this firm’s team or any SEC Whistleblower attorney through email, telephone or by filling the form on this website. You will not pay for any initial case evaluation or consultation. You should not provide any personal details or securities violators’ names. International whistleblowers get free translation services too.

Amazing Philanthropic Act of Highland Capital Management

Not long ago, James Dondero, the founder and current chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management announced that his company would be providing an impressive $1 million challenge grant with an aim to assist The Family Place raise $2.8 million required for Legacy Campaign planned to be held in the next six months.

The Family Place is an organization situated in Dallas that works to eliminate domestic violence. This great announcement was made at Hilton Anatole in Texas where James Dondero had attended The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards.

The company will match several donations from other entities up to 50% with an end goal of raising $1 million within a duration of six months. This challenge by Highland Capital Management aims at motivating other philanthropists located in Dallas to donate. The Family Place has managed to raise an additional $200000 since the October announcement by Mr. James Dondero towards the Legacy Campaign.

By donating a challenge grant of $1 million, Highland Capital looks forward to ensuring The Family Place raises $16.5 million required to make the legacy campaign successful. According to James, the donation answers an urgent call to action by Dallas Police Chief Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings for the community to assist solve domestic violence cases in Dallas.

Career and Education of James Dondero

For over 3 decades, James Dondero has been working in the investment industry and this therefore proves his expertise in investment decisions. He has spent much of his time serving in credit markets.

Currently, Mr. Dondero serves as the president of the prominent Highland Capital Management, a firm that he cofounded. Since 1993, this firm has been in operation and offers distinct clients with available financial products.

James Dondero is a graduate of Virginia University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in finance and accounting. He was among the top and best performing graduates. Since then, Dondero has worked in different positions for a litany of dissimilar financial firms.

In 1993, he made a decision to start his own firm after working for other companies for countable years. Apart from being the CEO of Highland capital, James Dondero serves as a board member of various charities and business ventures such as MGM Studios.

The Benefits of Co-Spacing in Workville


In such a city that houses thousands of skyscrapers in almost every available piece of land, it is no wonder that a company like exists to provide temporary or long-term working space for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for shared office spaces in New York.

What is co-spacing in Workville like?


This offers a friendly environment for various people who are looking a private office for less than 10 employees, a conference room to do meetings at, a function hall to host special events in, and a large communal room in which individuals from different establishments can interact with one another. The rates for each space vary; however, as what can be expected from how they are partitioned, the latter is the most affordable, while the first-mentioned has the highest price.


Meanwhile, the atmosphere within the firm is inviting for the creative minds. Instead of using thick walls, the company has utilized clear glasses to divide an entire floor strategically. There are office furniture accessible for everyone, and they have light colors that help the space look bigger than it truly is. To allow the startups to maintain the confidentiality of the topics they will discuss in their rented space, Workville has every single one of them soundproofed.


What are the positive factors of going here?


The location of the co-space building offers convenience to their clients, for the reason that it is close to several important destinations like the Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Bryant Park, Port Authority, and Times Square. It will therefore not be difficult for these people to reach the said places in minutes.


It also makes basic work necessities such as printers, internet connectivity, telephones, and coffee accessible to their tenants, regardless if they are to stay in the space for an hour or a year. The employees can simply bring their own laptops and documents in the office they hired, and be able to function as if they are all officemates in one floor.


In case something has to be mailed, it has a mail service that companies can take advantage of at a reasonable rate. This entails that they can continue working without needing to go to the nearest courier office.

The Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings at the Kabbalah Centre

It was originally thought that the teachings of Kabbalah were complex and easily misunderstood. In fact, traditionally Rabbi would only teach the mysteries of Kabbalah to students that were at least 40 years of age, and most of these students were men. Those practices have changes thanks to the Kabbalah Centre. Now the teachings of this ancient spiritual wisdom can be taught clearly to students at all levels, from beginning to more advanced.

The Kabbalah Centre is a non- profit organization that provides courses on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. The Centre is directed by husband and wife team Philip and Karen Berg in Los Angeles, CA. Now thanks to the Centre these teachings are easier to obtain. The study of the body and soul and the purpose of life can be made clear through a few different ways. There are courses that can be taken online. Or one can attend a study group, or join one of many city-based centers that can be found all over the world.

Part of the Centre’s success, is due to its volunteer program. This program provides a safe and organized foundation were students can learn and discover the simpler teachings on sharing and giving of themselves. The Kabbalah Centre’s volunteer program is the real framework of such teachings. These volunteers help to mentor new students to guide them to improve lives, not just locally but worldwide.

Volunteers unite to give to others. They work on improving their own lives by helping to improve others. They give back to the world by visiting the sick, cleaning up beaches, feeding the homeless and seeking out ways to be of service. They plan activities in the community and help the  Religion Center’s events to run organized and smooth. The volunteers make the Centre the success it is with their large range of skills.

Volunteers and students become passionate and excited about making a difference. They do more than religious learn to the Kabbalah way, they live it.