Staying Connected to Kids with Video Visitation

Being away from their kids and other family members is often one of the most challenging parts of being imprisoned. While there are some visitation rights provided to inmates, most often do not want their kids to come visit them in jail for fear of the stress and anxiety that comes with a prison visit. For those that are imprisoned and would like to have more communication with their kids and other family members, using a new video visitation service could be very beneficial.

Dallas, Texas based Securus Technologies has recently unveiled and started implementing their video visitation service that is specialized for the prison system. The video visitation service allows a prisoner to access a live monitor from a designated area of the prison. The inmate’s children and other family members will then be able to receive a video phone call from the terminal on either a smartphone or tablet computer. The service is also very secure and can be monitored by the prison system in situations that they see fit.

The video visitation system has been greatly appreciated in facilities where it has been rolled out. The new system will allow an inmate to speak with family on a more regular basis while not forcing them to spend as much time commuting too and from the prison.

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The new video visitation platform is just the latest system provided by Securus Technologies. Securus currently provides a wide variety of technology and security services to nearly one thousand prisons and correctional facilities located across the country. These facilities ultimately then house nearly 100,000 prisoners. Securus is frequently developing new and improved technology equipment, which allows them to continue to be a leader in the field.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. It has also been beneficial for the prison system as it has allowed for a greater level of monitoring while also not having to deal with the administrative and security measures that come with hosting live visitors. That could also go a long way into making the best in town and it’s very true.

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