Appraising Diversant’s Role in Partnering IT Firms with Qualified Staff

Hiring employees is undoubtedly, one of the hardest decisions as far as running a business is concerned. It is quite difficult for business managers and owners to pinpoint and employ staff members who are best suited for the available jobs. For several years now, IT companies in the US and beyond have been benefiting from the services of Diversant LLC. This minority owned enterprise helps IT firms to acquire the services of competent employees.

Diversant has been highly successful, and has served a good number of Fortune 500 firms. This success is largely credited to the fact that the firm has consistently been diversifying the products that it offers. This has seen it offer services such as staff extension, and direct staff recruitment services. The firm operates from its base in New Jersey. In addition, it has regional offices in Texas, Philadelphia, Arizona, Atlanta, New York, San Jose, North Carolina and Minnesota. These regional bases enables it to provide its services in a more effective manner.

The firm’s remarkable success has also resulted from the extensive partnerships that it has formed within the industry. This has enabled it to consolidate a comprehensive database, which contains the profiles of qualified experts within the IT industry. Pairing these experts with clients is therefore easier. Diversant also utilizes the services of competent IT recruiters, who understand the exact staffing needs of the firm’s clients. Diversant has managed to attain a legendary status, which enables it to negotiate lucrative packages on behalf of its clients.

Important Notes about John Goullet

John Goullet is Diversant’s current chairman and principal. He is a highly established entrepreneur and corporate executive, with more than 20 years of experience. John started his career in 1994 after founding an IT recruitment firm, which he named Info Technologies. His astute leadership saw the firm become a recognizable brand within the corporate world. It was acquired by Diversant in 2011. Goullet graduated from Ursinus College. Before starting Info Technologies, he worked at a number of notable firms.

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  1. Shrewd leadership has also played a significant role in helping the firm to expand its frontiers. These include Cap Gemini, Computer Sciences Corp and TSR Consultants. That is the same reason why did not continue the review of last year.

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