Trust Ignition Financial, Do Not Get Taken For A Ride

Car dealerships are a place that one can get taken for a ride, literally and in a financial sense. What most Americans do when they purchase their car is look for something that they like and that will fit into their budget at that very moment. What most do not consider is what is happening with the loan that they take out on that car. They may not focus that much on what interest rate they are paying or how this car will fit into their budget going forward.


The truth is that people can pay as much as 4 percent or even more in interest that they do not need to be paying. The reason is because car dealerships want to make some profit for themselves off of the financing as well. However, it is possible to correct this mistake and move forward towards a better future. The best way to do this is to speak with someone at Ignition Financial and ask them to “slash my payments”.


They can work with anyone who is interested in getting their interest rate lowered and also lowering those payments as well. This is important because the expense of a car is very high for the average American. It is a large part of their budget and can cause financial strain on those who are not staying on top of it.


Ignition is very straightforward about what they do. They want anyone who borrows money from them to understand what they are getting and what they are paying for that. It means having no hidden fees and making sure that all taxes are included in the price of the loan in very straightforward print.


Most people do not know what they are getting when they borrow their loans from dealerships. However, Ignition just does not deal with things that way. They want to ensure that they are helping people get better information and that they can plainly see that they are getting a better deal. Re-financing makes sense because Ignition Financial will make sure that they are making a better deal for the borrower.


The borrower can pay off their car more quickly and yet have smaller payments all at the same time. That means less stress for the borrower and more financial responsibility. The best part is that it does not take much time at all to get this done. Just a little of your time and you can have a much better auto financing situation.

SEC Whistleblowers and Labaton Sucharow

Whistleblowers all over the country are speaking out to report different forms of violations from Significant Securities.



In the year 2010, Congress passed Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which is the most important reform strategy in the U.S.A. financial control since the occurrence of the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act has many crucial reforms but the most important of them is the establishment of a whistleblower plan that offers employment protection and cash incentives for people to report probable abuse of federal securities regulations on the SEC.



Labaton Sucharow



Labaton Sucharow, in response to the historic legislation, became the first firm in the U.S. to form a practice that exclusively emphasized on supporting and protecting whistleblowers of SEC. This law firm has a securities litigation platform that is at the top in the market. Thus, the whistleblower representation consists of a world-class team of financial analysts, investigators, and accountants with both state and federal enforcement expertise to provide the best representation. The leader of this experienced team is Jordan A. Thomas who was for the former assistant chief litigation counsel and assistant director in the enforcement division at the SEC. while at the SEC, Thomas played a crucial role as leader in the formation of a program for whistleblowers. This involved drafting legislation and finally implementing rules.



The rules of this program state that the SEC must pay suitable whistleblowers a tenth to three tenths of the cash sanctions resulting from a victorious SEC implementation action(s) whose sanctions are worth more than $1M. If the threshold is exceeded, whistleblowers could also get more awards based on the cash sanctions received in related matters brought forth by other law governing institutions. The Dodd-Frank Act prevents employers from retaliation against whistleblowers that go to the SEC following the rules of the program. However, the most important thing is that whistleblowers can report any securities infringement anonymously when represented by a SEC Whistleblower lawyer.



Contact Information



To get more information on the whistleblower program or to request an evaluation of your case, contact this firm’s team or any SEC Whistleblower attorney through email, telephone or by filling the form on this website. You will not pay for any initial case evaluation or consultation. You should not provide any personal details or securities violators’ names. International whistleblowers get free translation services too.

Amazing Philanthropic Act of Highland Capital Management

Not long ago, James Dondero, the founder and current chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management announced that his company would be providing an impressive $1 million challenge grant with an aim to assist The Family Place raise $2.8 million required for Legacy Campaign planned to be held in the next six months.

The Family Place is an organization situated in Dallas that works to eliminate domestic violence. This great announcement was made at Hilton Anatole in Texas where James Dondero had attended The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards.

The company will match several donations from other entities up to 50% with an end goal of raising $1 million within a duration of six months. This challenge by Highland Capital Management aims at motivating other philanthropists located in Dallas to donate.

By donating a challenge grant of $1 million, Highland Capital looks forward to ensuring The Family Place raises $16.5 million required to make the legacy campaign successful. According to James, the donation answers an urgent call to action by Dallas Police Chief Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings for the community to assist solve domestic violence cases in Dallas.

Career and Education of James Dondero

For over 3 decades, James Dondero has been working in the investment industry and this therefore proves his expertise in investment decisions. He has spent much of his time serving in credit markets.

Currently, Mr. Dondero serves as the president of the prominent Highland Capital Management, a firm that he cofounded. Since 1993, this firm has been in operation and offers distinct clients with available financial products.

James Dondero is a graduate of Virginia University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in finance and accounting. He was among the top and best performing graduates. Since then, Dondero has worked in different positions for a litany of dissimilar financial firms.

In 1993, he made a decision to start his own firm after working for other companies for countable years. Apart from being the CEO of Highland capital, James Dondero serves as a board member of various charities and business ventures such as MGM Studios.

The Benefits of Co-Spacing in Workville


In such a city that houses thousands of skyscrapers in almost every available piece of land, it is no wonder that a company like exists to provide temporary or long-term working space for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for shared office spaces in New York.

What is co-spacing in Workville like?


This offers a friendly environment for various people who are looking a private office for less than 10 employees, a conference room to do meetings at, a function hall to host special events in, and a large communal room in which individuals from different establishments can interact with one another. The rates for each space vary; however, as what can be expected from how they are partitioned, the latter is the most affordable, while the first-mentioned has the highest price.


Meanwhile, the atmosphere within the firm is inviting for the creative minds. Instead of using thick walls, the company has utilized clear glasses to divide an entire floor strategically. There are office furniture accessible for everyone, and they have light colors that help the space look bigger than it truly is.


What are the positive factors of going here?


The location of the co-space building offers convenience to their clients, for the reason that it is close to several important destinations like the Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Bryant Park, Port Authority, and Times Square. It will therefore not be difficult for these people to reach the said places in minutes.


It also makes basic work necessities such as printers, internet connectivity, telephones, and coffee accessible to their tenants, regardless if they are to stay in the space for an hour or a year. The employees can simply bring their own laptops and documents in the office they hired, and be able to function as if they are all officemates in one floor.


In case something has to be mailed, it has a mail service that companies can take advantage of at a reasonable rate. This entails that they can continue working without needing to go to the nearest courier office.