Brad Reifler Wants To Help The 99% Invest

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur that has started three companies. After obtaining his Bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College, he went on to found and serve as Chief Executive Officer of his company Reifler Trading Company. In 1995 he founded Pali Capital, where he was Chairman and CEO. His latest venture is Forefront Income Trust, where he is the Chief Executive Officer.

The goal that Brad Reifler has with Forefront Income Trust is to help regular people “turn money into more money”. Brad has stated that he used to only focus on high net worth individuals, and founded Forefront Income Trust with the intent to help middle class people save and invest. When his elderly father in law asked Brad to manage his investments, Brad was surprised to learn that because the father in law wasn’t an accredited investor there were lucrative strategies that he was locked out of. There are specialty finance programs that to date have only been available to the richest 1% and Brad wants to make these programs available to everyone.

In this fund, Brad Reifler gives an opportunity to middle class people to invest in these strategies with a minimum of $2,500. The investments are not correlated to the stock market and so gives the investor greater diversity versus just holding stocks and bonds. Brad has also structured the fund so that his company earns nothing until their clients make an 8% return on their investment.

Brad Reifler has explained that there are three main problems that middle class investors face. The first is that they face fees that not only are far too high but that also make money for the brokers regardless of their performance. The second is that most people are not allowed to participate in some investments, unlike the richest of us. The third is that regular investors have far too much risk as most of their money is exposed to the ups and downs of the stock markets. His goal with Forefront Income Trust is to change all three of these factors.

PodcastOne: The Future of Radio?

For the paranormal lovers out there, this one is for you. Norman Pattiz, Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, has announced the release of a new podcast – Beyond the Darkness, which will feature a number of interesting conversations with internationally acclaimed paranormal researchers. The show will explore various topics, some of which include ghosts, angels, demons, the afterlife, paranormal activity, UFO sightings to name a few.


PodcastOne is one of the leading podcast networks in the United States of America, providing entertaining shows like this one. The entire network is solely advertiser supported and was founded by Norman Pattiz, who previously founded Westwood One, a radio broadcast company which is one of the biggest in America. Norman Pattiz is a well-known name in the field of broadcasting. In addition to Westwood One, Norman has been in charge of the management and distribution of some of the biggest networks in the entertaining industry including managing the radio division of NBC and CBS.


Norman Pattiz has been influential in the development of the radio and podcast industry in the United States of America. He was appointed by both President Clinton and President Bush as a member of the Broadcasting Board of the United States of America.


The idea of PodcastOne came to Pattiz when he was working alongside Kit Gray, representing and managing podcast of people from around the world. From there, he got the idea to establish Westwood One for the digital world, and thus, PodcastOne was born. Four years since the establishment of the company, their services include talent acquisition, marketing, and sales.


Stay busy, stay excited and be engaged – that is Norman Pattiz mantra for life. He believes staying focused and working hard is the best way to succeed in life. In a constant effort to make podcasts more like the radio, PodcastOne teamed up with the Associated Press which will work towards integrating up to date news articles within the podcast to offer the listener a more ‘radio-like’ listening experience.


Norman Pattiz aims to help transcend the medium of the radio and prosper in the digital world of podcasting. He believes that the world of podcast currently has untapped potential because of the sheer amount of companies and advertisers who have completely ignored the podcast business. Since the radio is a medium that is soon fizzling out, advertisers are forced to seek other options and switch over to podcasts to gain access to views and potential customers.


In the first year of its release, PodcastOne managed to gain six major brands who wanted to advertise on their podcasts. Today, this number has risen to thirty-six. Norman believes that soon, podcasts will be the future of the audio industry.

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Get Superior Inmate Calling Features From A Reliable Network

Securus Technologies is widely known for being one of the largest inmate regulating networks in the industry. They are responsible for monitoring, surveillance, and technical support for inmate calling networks. They recently did an audit on Global Tel-Link that spotted a few irregularities that were quickly corrected. The immediate correction of the few inaccuracies allowed Louisiana customers to receive free inmate calling features for a limited time. A PRN News reported did an article naming Securus Technologies one of the fastest growing inmate communications providers with many advanced technological features that save their customers time and money.


Certification 1 has allowed Securus Technologies to expand their network. They will train over 1,600+ IT professionals in inmate communications, monitoring, and customer service. Inmates around the world will have secure access to high end telecommunications to stay connected to their loved ones. They continue to lead the industry with advanced technological solutions that will maximize your inmate communications. They are proud to say they eliminate the commute to a correctional facility or finding an authorized agent. You can find out more about their features from their official website and receive promotional offers that will give you additional savings.


Securus Technologies Features


– Automated Services

– Advanced Pay

video chat

– Telephone Features

– Picture Mail

– Give Money

– Inmate Voicemail

and more…


Video chat features are brought to you by video giant Vimeo and gives you a high definition picture with superior sound. You can control the picture and the sound with just a few clicks of a button on your smartphone or pc. They offer many services that will continue to make them your number one source for inmate calling. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details today.

Alexandre Gama The International Businessman

Alexandre Gama of BrazilAlexandre Gama is an advertising executive from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He received in advertising degree from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He began his early career as a copywriter for companies like Ogilvy & Mather and v Almap BBDO. A major turning point in his career was when he became a Global Chief Creative Officer for Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Neogama was started by Alexandre Gama in 1999. His company quickly became one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil within a few years. Some of their work was given awards at the Cannes Festival.

Alexandre Gama decided to become partners with Bartle Bogle Hegarty and transformed his company into Neogama/BBH. Although he was not the sole owner, he still owned a large portion of the shares. The partnership excelled the company and they even won a Caboré award within the same year of the merger. Publicis Groupe purchased he combined company in 2012.

Alexandre decided to move his company back to Brazil to focus on Brazilian only projects. Neogama will no longer have any branding with the Bartle Bogle Hegarty company. They will work under Publicis Communications with Brazilian companies and will try to grow as a top ranking company.

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The Life Story of Brad Reifler

The world of finance and business has a myriad of influential and well known individuals that change how people are able to get more accomplished. Brad Reifler, a serial entrepreneur is just one example of this.

Brad Reifler has been an experienced figure in the financial and business world for more than 30 years, beginning with his enrollment and graduation from Bowdoin College in 1982 with a bachelor degree in economics and political science. In this same year Reifler went on to create his very first company called the Reifler Trading Corporation. The company itself was mainly focused on global derivatives and became so successful that another group called Refco bought them out in 2000 to try everything for themselves.

Brad Reifler did not just stop at one, because from there he then went on to found another company called Pali Capital, serving as the chairman and CEO of it all. Pali Capital was a global financial services firm and here he spent thirteen years managing the funds and finances of the company and putting them towards a good cause while increasing funds. At one point, the company had seen more than $200 million in total profits and opened up offices not just in America but overseas in the United Kingdom and Australia as well.

Even with these past businesses reaching success in mind, Brad Reifler had his biggest and most well known one when he founded Forefront Capital in 2009 and became the CEO of Forefront Advisory. Here, Forefront specializes in providing expert-level advice to different commodity traders, all the while knowing that commodity markets tend to be very volatile and erratic. Despite this, his more than 30 years of experience have helped him become a pioneer in the market, even going so far as to speak on the lower and middle class and help give advice that will allow them to invest without the hassle of wondering about accredited and non-accredited investors.

There’s No Limit To What A Magnises Membership Can Do

The brains behind Magnises is Billy McFarland, who is also a person who knows exactly what other people want to do when they go out to have fun. The creation of Magnises made it possible for many young people to be able to go out and have fun, without spending the extravagant amount of money that they would have to spend without the membership. Although Magnises can bring a lot of discounts on, it’s so much more than a discount membership, and members can tell you this. Many members love their membership, especially if they travel, go out to eat, go to events, go to clubs and more.

Magnises doesn’t just want people to attend their special events that are only for members because there’s more events, but Magnises can definitely throw a shindig. With these great parties, many members have been able to network with one another, learning more about each other’s backgrounds as well as their business backgrounds. Since Magnises also wants to help members in their professional life, many who have their own business or are trying to get their own business started can use their Magnises membership to their benefit. One way to better your business is by getting a WorkPass from Magnises, which is a new 2016 lifestyle perk.

The WorkPass is useful because it means you’ll be able to get your co-working space at Alley for $500 a month, and the pass itself will cost you only $99 per month. Using the co-working space can help you to propel your business to another level, and you can even use the space as a place to conduct business and to also bring in clients to sign paperwork and more. If you attend any event that. Also, take a visit to the Magnises clubhouse to meet other members.

Those who like to go out to eat will love Magnises because of the different events that they have that are built around eating. Go out to a restaurant opening, taste some great food, and even have a drink at a bar, all courtesy of your Magnises membership. Many of the bars will also give you free bottle service, depending on what you pay for. You can even receive discounts on your food when you go out to restaurants, and you’ll even be able to get reservations to restaurants that may be difficult to get into without your membership.

Your Magnises Black Card is your path to a better lifestyle, especially if you’re into going out and having fun. Get the ClubPass on your membership card on to allow you to get into any club, and you’ll never have to be stopped at the door and turned away because your Magnises membership will guarantee you will get inside. If you want to know more about all of the events that Magnises hosts, then use your Magnises Concierge because it has all of this information and much more and can even get you reservations if you need them.

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