D.A.’s Are Shocked That Securus Technologies Products Are So Accurate

D.A.’s from all across the United States at the accuracy provided by Securus Technologies products. Thousands of cases have been solved in 2017 alone by the use of Securus products. The main feature that has been used is the phone monitoring. D.A.’s can listen to phone calls between inmates and outsiders, regardless of how long ago they took place. These phone calls can then be brought into court as evidence. Every phone call is clear, and Securus even provides voice authentication to prove the people talking over the phone. Before Securus, there were certain ways inmates could know their calls were being monitored; this could be by certain static frequencies or the like. This is not possible with Securus. There is absolutely no evidence that a call is being monitored.


In addition to helping D.A.’s, Securus Technologies also wants to help the courts. They are developing technology that can be used in any courtroom. The goal of this technology will be for court cases to move more speedily and more accurately. This technology is expected to be ready within the next twelve months, and Securus Technologies is going to make this software affordable for all government.


Securus Technologies is putting together a meeting of state officials, judges, and investors. This meeting is expected to last several days. It will detail the type of software and hardware that needs to be created to help aid courtrooms to move at a better pace. Securus Technologies hopes representatives from every state will be able to attend this meeting. The cost of this meeting is free, and Securus Technologies is even willing to help people with their airfare and hotel rooms. Securus Technologies hopes this meeting will change the way courtrooms operate, and Securus hopes this will be the start of something amazing between Securus and the courts.


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