End Citizens United Hopes to Help Citizens With Their Mission

One of the biggest goals that End Citizens United has in place is the chance to make things better for people who are voting and people who are donating to the causes that they believe in. Under the citizens united, citizens really don’t make a difference in the campaign efforts because their money could never compare to the money that corporations are able to donate. It is a problem that has been plaguing the political outlook of the United States since the citizens united first started and it is something that has brought change to the way that things are done. There are many problems that have come with citizens united and End Citizens United is doing everything possible to stop these problems and to make sure that things are going to work out for the people who also want to bring the same type of change to the areas that they are in.


When citizens united first started, it was something that was supposedly going to help the citizens. This has been a huge lie and it has caused major problems for the people who actually want to make a difference in the way that things are able to work during campaigns. Citizens United has taken the power away from the citizens and has given the majority of it to the people who are running the corporations and to the people who want to donate millions of dollars to the politicians that they believe should win.


End Citizens United does not like the idea of corporations being able to act as citizens in these situations. They believe that only citizens should be allowed to vote and donate like citizens. One thing that has made a difference for the people who are trying to make change is the fact that people are not able to get what they need from the ability to donate only a small amount when corporations can donate a large amount. To fight this, End Citizens United has been able to have limits enacted. Under the new terms that are listed by End Citizens United, big corporations will have a cap on the amount of money that they can donate.


Despite the fact that End Citizens United’s end game is a complete end to citizens united, they have made some major changes in the time that they have been operating as an organization. These changes have been beneficial in that they make citizens united a more fair process. While it is still relatively unfair, it is a problem that End Citizens United is not going to ever be able to combat and that has been something that has been a huge part of their agenda toward eliminating citizens united.

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