How Nathaniel Ru and Friends Founded Sweetgreen

When Nathaniel Ru and his business partners were in the final year at the prestigious Georgetown University, they realized that getting a great place that was easy and fun just to enjoy some good food was difficult. The friends had to look around for healthy food, but they could not locate a good restaurant in the neighborhood.

The friends realized that the industry was unexploited, and they decided to offer the consumer the much needed healthy snack. The three friends chose to establish their food company in Washington.

Six years later, the food company has done well in the competitive market, and it is known as Sweetgreen. The company has all the qualities the modern consumer is looking for, and this explains why it has been doing so well.

When the business partners decided to start the restaurant, they did not know that they would face so many challenges. The market was already dominated by several restaurants that were controlling more than fifty percent of the market.

To make matters worse, the students did not have any expertise, and they did not know where to start. After identifying a store in M Street, Nathaniel and his friends chose to look for the landlord so that they could negotiate and settle for a great deal.

Nathaniel realized that the landlord of the store they were interested in was the owner of the building they were occupying.

At first, Nathaniel called her and took time to explain the business plan he and his friends had in mind. However, the landlord and hung up. For a whole month, three friends would call her until she accepted to meet them and talk face to face.

When they were given the opportunity, the young men dressed in suits so that they could give the impression needed. The three had already written a business plan that was going to give the landlord a picture of the restaurant they had in mind.

Fortunately, the landlord was impressed, and she chose to help the young people. The landlord asked them to get an experienced architect and several business backers so that the plan could be successful. Although the businessmen had one semester to go in school, they did their best to fulfill the demands of the landlord. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia and  Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

In less than three weeks, they had already brought all the requirements. Six years later, Nathaniel and his business partners are happy about their decision. The food company has turned out to be very successful.

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