The Contributions And Experience Of Dr. David Samadi In The Medical Field

Lenox Hill Hospital is based in New York. It is Dr. David Samadi’s service in the Hospital that has made him broadly known to be among the outstanding individuals in the medical field. Apart from being the Urology Chairperson, he is the Chief Doctor regarding Robotics. His initiative at hand is concerning hosting the show known as “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.”It is remarkable that the show is a live one.

The fact that it is informative explains why the viewers will have an exceptional chance to get updates in line with the medical stories together with the trending issues on health. This is in addition to the provision of the most desirable and appropriate strategies related to treatment.

The program will be airing every Sunday starting at 12:30 pm ET. Twitter,, YouTube live, and Facebook are the platforms that can be utilized by the viewers to watch it. As well, different guests are set to feature. Such entails the specialists of wellness, those of health and the medical ones. The the fact that they are experts in their fields of concern is what made them gain the consideration as the facilitators of the show. Their presence is, therefore, is meant to guarantee the provision of the most appropriate advice on proper health to the people.


The health sector has a collection of topics, and the objective of the show is to address some of them. They include sexual health, prostate health, diet, exercise, the common ailments, and food. These topics provide a sample of the ones that are trending in the field of medicine at the moment. Emailing questions and making calls by the viewers will be in progress as the show goes on and even when it ends. The expectation is that Dr. David Samadi will give responses to the questions that the viewers will raise. The other health professionals will have the chance to answer to provide answers to them whenever needed.

In consideration of his education, he studied Biochemistry at the Stony Brook University. The attainment of M.D. took place in 1994 at the same University. In 2000, he acquired his postgraduate training. The latter happened at a center by the name Montefiore Medical Center on oncology.

He acquired his earlier experience from the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He offered services here formerly. On progressing to Mt. Sinai, she ascended to the position of the Deputy Chairman of the Urological Department.

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