The Heroic Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was a trade unionist who was famous for using wise quotes. Larkin used the phrase indicating individuals who have worked well for the day are to be paid well numerous times. Jim Larkin was born in 1876 in England at a place known as Liverpool. Jim Larkin’s parents were of the Irish descent. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

Jim Larkin was instrumental in forming the Irish Citizen Army. Larkin was involved in social activities. Jim was influential in ensuring other workers worked in a good environment. Jim did various manual jobs while at the docks in Liverpool. Jim Larkin was later upgraded to be a full- time unionist after joining the organization. This happened in 1905.

Jim Larkin relocated to Dublin in 1907 where he founded another organization. The organization catered for the Irish transport workers.

The trade unionist formed the organization to unite all the workers Jim Dublin. This included the skilled and unskilled workers. The demands for the trade union were put into perspective in 1908.

The workers were to work for eight workers daily where employment had to be provided to the individuals who were not employed. The workers who had attained the legal age of 6o years would benefit by being awarded their pensions. Arbitration courts would also be enacted so that individuals who felt they were being oppressed at work would report.

Jim Larkin was instrumental in forming the Irish Labor Party. The movement helped the workers in Irish where they were able to articulate their rights.

They emerged victorious in that they were to be employed fairly. Hundred thousand workers participated in the movement. Jim Larkin delivered a good speech that impressed Constance Markievicz. The speech was delivered in 1913 at during the presentation of the industrial disputes.

Jim Larkin moved to America in 1914 where he joined the Socialist Party. The Big Jim statue has been enacted in honor of the hero.

A rock band that is based on Ireland and numerous poems have been written about Jim Larkin. A road has been named after Jim Larkin in Liverpool to remind the individuals of his heroic deeds.

End Citizens United Raising Awareness Over Dangerously Flawed GOP Tax Bill

You don’t have to have a poli-sci major to know that the rich like to be rich and only want to get richer. That is why the GOP has been working day-and-night during an otherwise disastrous year in order to push through a major piece of legislation: the Republican Tax Bill. Of course, the bill is being marketed as the tax cut that middle-America needs, however, the truth is anything but. End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been working for the past several years in order to engineer much-needed campaign finance reform at the highest level of American politics. This new GOP tax bill is so disastrous that ECU has had to chime in to raise awareness.

Tiffany Muller is the President at End Citizens United and she has been the vocal lead in trying to get attention to the flaws that the GOP tax plan has been engineering. Muller had this to say about the plan, “House Republicans took another step towards handing our democracy to their big donors.” Muller’s focus during this press release was to further highlight just how clear it was that the GOP’s newest tax plan was simply a machination in order to move money around toward the elite class of donors that the GOP has paid so much attention to. This is particularly worrying for End Citizens United because it highlights just how dangerous unlimited spending of dark money can be within the world of the United States government.

Republicans have controlled a majority of the United States government since the shocking and appalling election of Donald Trump in November of 2016. Since then, Republicans have largely been stuck with in-fighting and party squabbles. However, it should worry any number of moderates, liberals and regular Americans that the GOP is working so hard to get this tax bill through and into reality. Not only does the tax bill push one step closer to destroying the working class, it also solidifies the fact that the United States government is being sold off by Republicans.

It was made abundantly clear not just by End Citizens United but by the political world at large that this tax bill is a hail mary in order to salvage their high-paying donor class. High ranking Republican donors want to see their money used to influence politics at the highest level and under President Trump’s laughable leadership, that just hasn’t been the case.

End Citizens United was formed in order to fight for campaign finance reform in the federal government. Their mission is to eventually overturn the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision which opened up the doors for millionaires and billionaires to buy off legislators in order to push their goals. Check more:,25,50,100,250,500,1000


How Securus Technologies Ended Up as the Most Innovative Containment Security Company Yet.

Securus Technologies is an American company with a patriotic agenda. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and it dates from way back when it only had a few offices, and when it was operating as a regular commercial public telecommunications enterprise. The company is ever committed to monitoring products and services in order to make the world a safer place. However, that was not always the case. Its initial primary purpose, at its inception and formation, was to simply connect inmates with their family members and friends. However, most criminals seldom reformed and often pursued their vile and aggressive agenda against other prisoners, prison officials and the public outside. They started sneaking contraband communication gadgets into prisons through conniving, corrupt, technologically upfront or violent means. Smuggling even became so high-tech that contraband phones get delivered into prison yards via drones.

The problem of inmates accessing unregulated communication with the outside world created a lasting and damning opportunity for them to coordinate drug trafficking and violent attacks within and outside prisons. Inmates became more dangerous when incarcerated than when free because prisons became a networking avenue for them. Citing such egregious oversight in security and the looming danger that the situation posed to the general security of Americans, Securus Technology started investing in containing criminal communication via contraband phones within cells and detention centers.

The services were since widened to include helping investigators track down criminals, helping in monitoring criminal activities and containing organized criminal communication for the sake of preventing crimes from happening. The company incorporated data reporting features that are instrumental in allowing staff members of correctional facilities and law enforcement officials to conduct investigations. Now, it vastly covers American and Canadian territories in terms of office space and prison market shares. It invests heavily and continuously in developing technology in an effort to make life more secure for Americans and their Canadian neighbors. By the year 2016, the company had invested over 600 dollars in its projects, and it still had plans of investing more just to make sure that the holding facilities it serves got the best out of its technological services. Some of the key services that Securus Technologies provides in terms of inmate illegal communication containment include:

  • Barring all contraband devices within prison facilities from accessing mobile communication networks
  • Providing emergency services to the general public, inmates and law enforcement officers,
  • Helping in incident management via communication monitoring for preventative prediction,
  • Providing the public, through its clientele, with critical cyber crime information,
  • Assisting law enforcement officials in conducting inmate related investigations over organized crime,
  • Servicing and regulating the communication of inmates within its clientele base through its self-service platforms and,
  • Managing data and cyber-security protocols for prisons and other holding facilities.


Vijay Eswaran; the Accomplished Author

Born October 7th 1960, Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman of the QI group. His father’s job in the Malaysian ministry of labor saw Vijay and his family move around a lot. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay Eswaran finally graduated from the London school of economics with a degree in socio-economic in 1984. Vijay did odd jobs in Europe for two years which included being a cab driver in London and working at a construction site in Belgium.

While in the United Kingdom, Vijay was introduced to the binary market system. This prompted Vijay to get qualifications from CIMA in the United Kingdom and he went on to get a master of business administration from the Southern Illinois University in 1986. At the time, Vijay was working for Synaptics in the United States of America and part time for Multilevel Marketing (MLM). Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies

Upon his return to Asia. Vijay joined MLM full time and has seen the company grow to a multinational conglomerate now known as QI group. During his tenure at QI group, Vijay has become a speaker and author. Vijay has spoken at business forums and management forums.

In 2005, Vijay’s first book the sphere of silence was published. Vijay has gone on to write three more books, In The Thinking Zone, the 18 Stepping Stones and Two Minutes From The Abyss, the latest of which was published in 2016.

Sphere of silence chronicles Vijay’s life management philosophy and his daily routine which includes one hour of silence in the morning. Accompanying the book. Vijay started the thought of the day routine where someone chronicles the thing that runs through their mind the whole day. The sphere of silence was named a New York Times’ bestseller after its launch.

Some of Vijay Eswaran’s specialties include, public speaking, philanthropy and writing. Vijay Eswaran was ranked 25thrichest man in Asia in the Forbes Malaysia list and has received many awards and accolades including Chief Executive Officer of the year 2013 during the Malaysia business awards.

Vijay Eswaran has also received numerous philanthropy awards including one from the former Malaysian prime minister.

End Citizens United Champions Campaign Finance Reform in Wake of Republican Tax Bill.

In 1954 we saw Lyndon B Johnson work hand-in-hand with Dwight Eisenhower as Republicans and Democrats collaborated on what would become the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment was designed in order to prevent 501(C)(3) organizations from participating in political campaign contributions. The goal of the amendment was to simply separate church and state matters while closing a loophole that corporate donors were more than willing to abuse. While the amendment was approved in a bipartisan effort and has stood unchallenged for over 50 years, times are surely changing. The election of Donald Trump has brought on an extreme change in the way that Washington D.C. works — and not for the better. Trump has made it his goal to repeal the Johnson Amendment in order to create more loopholes for his corporate cronies. There are a few organizations that are working to fight back against Trump’s disastrous decision and one of them is End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that rose to prominence as a champion for campaign finance reform. ECU, as the name is often shortened to, has made it their mission to support legislators who are willing to fight for transparent governance as well as real campaign finance reform. The Johnson Amendment falls under this purview and as a result End Citizens United has become a leader in the fight against Trump’s decision. Trump and the GOP are introducing a tax reform bill that would effectively strip the teeth out of the Johnson Amendment, thus creating more opportunities for dark money to flood into the political world.

Religious institutions have always been barred from directly trying to impact politicians thanks to the Johnson Amendment but that doesn’t mean that they have been completely closed out of the political conversation. Churches and other religious are allowed to engage in non-partisan political drives such as encouraging people to vote, but that is the extent of it so long as they fall under 501(C)(3) status. Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United, believes things will change dramatically if the Johnson Amendment is gutted. Muller says that churches will immediately transform into “tools for secret campaign spending“.

If President Trump and establishment republicans are able to strip the Johnson Amendment from the book, expect for more upheaval to occur in Washington D.C. by way of dark money and special interests. Lobbyists will be able to donate as much as they want through churches and as a bonus they’ll even get to write it all off on their taxes! End Citizens United knows how dangerous this can be to democracy and as such have made it their mission to make as many people aware as possible. Check for more: