End Citizens United Raising Awareness Over Dangerously Flawed GOP Tax Bill

You don’t have to have a poli-sci major to know that the rich like to be rich and only want to get richer. That is why the GOP has been working day-and-night during an otherwise disastrous year in order to push through a major piece of legislation: the Republican Tax Bill. Of course, the bill is being marketed as the tax cut that middle-America needs, however, the truth is anything but. End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been working for the past several years in order to engineer much-needed campaign finance reform at the highest level of American politics. This new GOP tax bill is so disastrous that ECU has had to chime in to raise awareness.

Tiffany Muller is the President at End Citizens United and she has been the vocal lead in trying to get attention to the flaws that the GOP tax plan has been engineering. Muller had this to say about the plan, “House Republicans took another step towards handing our democracy to their big donors.” Muller’s focus during this press release was to further highlight just how clear it was that the GOP’s newest tax plan was simply a machination in order to move money around toward the elite class of donors that the GOP has paid so much attention to. This is particularly worrying for End Citizens United because it highlights just how dangerous unlimited spending of dark money can be within the world of the United States government.

Republicans have controlled a majority of the United States government since the shocking and appalling election of Donald Trump in November of 2016. Since then, Republicans have largely been stuck with in-fighting and party squabbles. However, it should worry any number of moderates, liberals and regular Americans that the GOP is working so hard to get this tax bill through and into reality. Not only does the tax bill push one step closer to destroying the working class, it also solidifies the fact that the United States government is being sold off by Republicans.

It was made abundantly clear not just by End Citizens United but by the political world at large that this tax bill is a hail mary in order to salvage their high-paying donor class. High ranking Republican donors want to see their money used to influence politics at the highest level and under President Trump’s laughable leadership, that just hasn’t been the case.

End Citizens United was formed in order to fight for campaign finance reform in the federal government. Their mission is to eventually overturn the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision which opened up the doors for millionaires and billionaires to buy off legislators in order to push their goals. Check more: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/ecu-homepage?refcode=rtiads_gs_ecu_h&recurring=auto&amount=25&amounts=15,25,50,100,250,500,1000


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