The Heroic Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was a trade unionist who was famous for using wise quotes. Larkin used the phrase indicating individuals who have worked well for the day are to be paid well numerous times. Jim Larkin was born in 1876 in England at a place known as Liverpool. Jim Larkin’s parents were of the Irish descent. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

Jim Larkin was instrumental in forming the Irish Citizen Army. Larkin was involved in social activities. Jim was influential in ensuring other workers worked in a good environment. Jim did various manual jobs while at the docks in Liverpool. Jim Larkin was later upgraded to be a full- time unionist after joining the organization. This happened in 1905.

Jim Larkin relocated to Dublin in 1907 where he founded another organization. The organization catered for the Irish transport workers.

The trade unionist formed the organization to unite all the workers Jim Dublin. This included the skilled and unskilled workers. The demands for the trade union were put into perspective in 1908.

The workers were to work for eight workers daily where employment had to be provided to the individuals who were not employed. The workers who had attained the legal age of 6o years would benefit by being awarded their pensions. Arbitration courts would also be enacted so that individuals who felt they were being oppressed at work would report.

Jim Larkin was instrumental in forming the Irish Labor Party. The movement helped the workers in Irish where they were able to articulate their rights.

They emerged victorious in that they were to be employed fairly. Hundred thousand workers participated in the movement. Jim Larkin delivered a good speech that impressed Constance Markievicz. The speech was delivered in 1913 at during the presentation of the industrial disputes.

Jim Larkin moved to America in 1914 where he joined the Socialist Party. The Big Jim statue has been enacted in honor of the hero.

A rock band that is based on Ireland and numerous poems have been written about Jim Larkin. A road has been named after Jim Larkin in Liverpool to remind the individuals of his heroic deeds.

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