Tony Petrello The CEO Of Nabors Industries

After a natural disaster, many communities are left desperate for support. Many businesses show their true nature and their lack of interest in the community’s overall well-being during this time. However, others like Nabors Industries respond quickly to the communities need. This was the case when Hurricane Harvey barreled into Houston Texas in 2017. This devastating hurricane lead to unprecedented flooding in the area, leaving many people struggling for basic necessities. While many days employees at Nabors Industries can focus on socializing around the barbeque pit, getting in shape at the gym or discussing business over a cup of coffee at the café other days duty calls and they ban together to aid their community.

After hurricane Harvey hit this is exactly what they did. Lead by their CEO Tony Petrello. Giving back to the local community is an aspect that he prioritizes in his company. The company got to work helping the community. Many employees took off from work to go help with relief efforts. After seeing this, the company offered to instead give them paid time off while they volunteered to help. Additionally, the employees raised $176,622 for charity efforts, an amount that was matched by Petrello. The company its self did not stand back either. They used a large kitchen they had to make meals for in need families three times a day. About 10% of Nabors Industries 1,200 workers were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The company has a history of philanthropic efforts especially those targeted to help their employees. The Nabors Charitable Foundation has distributed millions of dollars in educational scholarships to the children of Nabors Industries employees as well as the employees.


Matching this large contribution was not surprising to anyone who knows Tony Petrello. Nor is the actions Nabors Industries took to support Houston during the wake of the hurricane. Tony Petrello is an active advocate for philanthropy and often encourages the company he leads to remain socially minded. Originally from New Jersey, Petrello has made Houston his home and does all that he can to protect it. Some of his most recognized beneficiaries id Texas Children’s Hospital. He has personally given this organization $7 million towards their fight against childhood neurological disorders. He has also joined this hospital’s board in order to aid in future fundraising efforts. Petrello’s donation helped fund the opening of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. This organization focuses on research seeking a cure for childhood disorders.

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