Review the success of SteelSeries through NewsWatch TV

The goal of Steelseries was to promote their line of gaming products and market to the hardcore gaming consumer in a way that would reach the masses. With an unyielding pursuit of simple, modern design, professional-grade quality and ensuring every product is not only top of the line for casual gamers, but tournament ready as well, Steelseries needed a platform that would attract as many potential customers as possible. NewsWatch TV was the outlet they needed not only to promote, but to have a professional video they could use in the future.


The Steelseries segments were massively seen reaching over 95 million households. Tori Pugliese, Senior Director of Marketing, relayed that NewsWatch TV understood what message they wanted to deliver, believed in them, and NewsWatch knew how to reach the consumers. She was very happy with the results, seeing the awesome distribution of their product line. Steelseries is dedicated to pushing professional gaming beyond its limits and giving the most competitive edge there can be for gamers. NewsWatch TV gave Steelseries an avenue to help reach their unparalleled potential as well.


NewsWatch TV Reviews not only appears on national television, this phenomenon also has a massive online presence. With now over 10,000 episodes and featuring well over 10,000 stories, reaching over 96 million households alone, not including online impressions, NewsWatch has proven to be the leader in marketing to any consumer.


NewsWatch not only covers promotion, they are also well known for late breaking news stories, covering an infinite count of topics, and has held that destination spot for celebrities who wish to discuss the issues and causes they support. NewsWatch works with the Fortune 500 companies to the independent business owner or developer, they are dedicated to seeing companies of all sizes achieve success.


NewsWatch is the place to be seen and heard.


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