The Skilled Care At Senior Homes Sussex Health Care

The Sussex Health Care is a chain of care centers that provide support services for patients with both with and without specialized needs. The centers received their accreditation in 2002 from the Health Quality Service or HQS. In 2003, the Sussex Health Care gained the standard Investors in People. Two years later, the Sussex Health Care accomplished International Standard ISO 9000:2000. The Sussex Health Care is the only provider of independent care homes in the United Kingdom to have attained both of those accreditations.

Over its years of operation, the Sussex Health Care have been sticking to their most significant value. The centers believe that being in good health does not equal the absence of illness. Good health is much more than and it includes the mental and emotional state of the person. Leasure, socializing, and recreational activities contribute significantly to the good health of every person.


The Sussex Health Care provides their residents with a plethora of recreational activities to motivate, inspire new interests, and make the day feel more fulfilled. All of that is important for the residents’ wellbeing on a daily basis. They are encouraged to take advantage of all of the facilities in the centers such as pools, gyms, recreational areas, gardens, and so on. For any f the residents, the team schedules activities that will aid them in their daily recovery process and overall health. The team also appoints personal assistance so that the activities are as safe and effective as possible for the residents. The activities provide the residents with physical and mental stimulation, providing them with some time every day to be active and engaged.

The Sussex Health Care prides itself on the skilled management team. The professionals running the establishments are very capable of making decisions and taking into consideration the feedback provided by residents, their families, and the employees working at the Sussex Health Care centers. Dr. Shafik Sachediena and Mr. Shiraz Boghani have both been operating as Joint Chairman. They are leading the Board of Directors and have greatly improved the centers in the past couple of years.

The most important thing for people admitting their loved ones at the centers of the Sussex Health Care is the quality of care they will be receiving. Their needs are varied which is why the centers are able to provide specialized care for residents with dementia, neurological issues, PMLD, and advanced signs of age as the employees at the centers are highly trained.

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