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Scott Rocklage, medicine and healthcare experts, share his thoughts. This expert is worth listening to. He has been a 5AM Ventures managing partner of knowledge and experience for a while now. He recently spoke on his views on education and more.

Why Does an Educational Needs Assessment Matter, and What Does It Cover?

You more than likely have heard the common American expression, “No man is an island”. Well, no institution or individual is ever perfect, and that’s why there’s such a need to continually assess and revise the current programs and procedures set in place by any school district.

Therefore, that’s why it’s so urgent for schools to implement educational needs assessments. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

These can cover aspects related to the educational experience overall, to make sure that the student is both attaining and retaining the greatest amounts of information possible while enjoying the overall process and passing it along to others in turn.

Here is another top benefit that educational needs assessments have: They allow one to perform an in-depth review of where each school, staff and student currently stands in relation to society’s greatest desires, goals, needs and challenges.

The purpose of education is two-fold: to enrich the individual and to equip the individual for further service to our world. If none of these meet needs are met, then education is a complete failure, to say the least.

Educational needs assessments help in this regard. Can you imagine where we would be without them? We would perhaps be living in the Stone Age still and without even as so much as a pen and paper to write on. Read more: Sccot Racklage | Bloomberg

Now that’s a scary thought. Pres. Trump hopes to further enrich America’s education through covering more aspects of educational needs assessments from class to class and division to division, not to mention subject to subject and grade to grade.

He hopes to undo the damage that Pres. Obama has done in making a useless education available to all, one that should really not be strived or fight for – and one that does not teach or challenge the student.