Crystal Hunt Launches a Successful Acting Career

Crystal Hunt is a prominent American actress who has continued to amaze audiences with her acting prowess. She burst onto the movie scene as a troubled teenager known as Lizzie Spaulding on the successful CBS show, Guiding Light. Since then, Hunt has featured in several hit movies and TV series. Surprisingly, she landed that starring role after an agent spotted her in the Actors Workshop held in New York. She brought the picture of a tormented teenager so perfectly and earned an Emmy nomination.

Concurring with her demanding television schedule, Hunt featured alongside Zac Efron in the feel-good family film called The Derby Stallion. After a contract with Guiding Light ended, she appeared in a romantic comedy called Sydney White as well as on Snow White fairy tale (a modern day twist). In 2009, Hunt made a comeback in Television with a three-year starring role in the celebrated ABC series, One Life to Live, as a devious stripper named Stacy Morasco. In 2013, she showed her acting abilities by costarring in a thriller of four Brooklyn teens who had to deal with the consequences of a drug deal gone wrong.

Later on, Hunt appeared in another hit film, 23 Blast, directed by Dylan Baker (a talented actor and director). The film is a real-life story about a high school talented footballer who mysteriously goes blind.

Queens of Drama

Recently, Hunt is starring in the Queens of Drama, a documentary series that follows a talented cast of former primetime and daytime actresses as they work together in front as well as behind cameras to come up with a new series. Hunt was able to split time between Los Angeles where filming of Queens of Drama was taking place and Savannah, GA where she participated in the creation and production of the Magic Mike XXL sequel.  Actresses in the movie are Andie MacDowell casting as Nancy, Raeden Greer by the name Charlotte, Kimberley Drummond playing Caroline, and Crystal Hunt as Lauren.