Investor Paul Mampilly warns Apple investors

Apple seems to be a company under siege according to American investor Paul Mampilly. The company has nothing good coming out of its innovations department. It is just regurgitating products that were introduced by founder Steve Jobs before his death in 2011. Apple is known for three products; iPhone, iPod and iPad. These are the only products the company have been producing lately. Every year they are producing various models of the same product. However, this is not good for business. For a business to perform well in this ear innovation is a must. A company must bring new products to the market. These products should not only be redesigned for the just the same product but new line of products.

Apple was doing very well when it introduced the first three products, but since the death of Steve, it is no longer adding anything new in the market.The last nail in the coffin for Apple will be the introduction of the Chromebook. However, this is going to be a big problem for company since this device is being run using a Google’s software. This software is cloud-based at the same time. This means that most of the credit for this product is not going to Apple. Google is gaining with Chromebook. However, there is something positive to take home about this. The success of Apple going forward is more dependent on the performance of the Chromebook. If chrome book picks well, then the stock prices may go down.

Investors should not follow what is happening with iPhone as it will not give them the right information about the markets.According to Paul Mampilly, Google is touching the core of the society. Children will most likely grow up familiar with Google products since the chrome books which are widely used in schools run on their devices. Apple is going to face huge competition from Google and Amazon which are two companies offering innovative technologies, unlike Apple. Amazon has the Alexa platform as well as echo devices. Apple and Amazon have invested in new technologies while Apple is still concentrating on the old products.Paul Mampilly has worked in the stock markets since 1991. He has worked with the biggest financial institutions such as ING. He has also been a hedge fund manager with Kinetics Asset Management. He helped this hedge fund record a 26% increase in the capital while he was the manager.

Desiree Perez Keeps Cool at the Negotiation Table

Desiree “Des” Perez, the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation and its music streaming service TIDAL, has been receiving some recognition of late. recently named Perez to is list of 2017 Digital Power Players for her work with TIDAL. It is recognition that is a long time coming for Des, who has been a notable figure in the music and entertainment industry for 20 years. She ran SC Enterprises, the precursor to Roc Nation for several years before she was named COO of Roc Nation in 2009.

In January of 2017 Des took TIDAL to the negotiation table with Sprint and helped secure the best deal in the company’s history. Sprint agree to acquire a 33% stake in the music streaming service for $200 million. The deal gives TIDAL access to the Sprint wireless customer base that is in excess of 45 million customers. This could net billions of dollars for TIDAL in the coming years. In 2017, she also secured exclusive album deals with Kanye West, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. The deals are designed to gain subscribers to the TIDAL app to contend with other streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. The result is an increase in subscribers in excess of one million since February.

Des has been successfully managed many music and entertainment venues in the New York and New Jersey area in the 1990s and 2000s. She has remained one of Jay-Z’s best friends and confidants for over 20 years, so when he needed someone he could trust to run Roc Nation, he turned to Des. She is married to Juan Perez, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Roc Nation. Known as one of the most fierce negotiators in the business, Perez has negotiated many deals including the Rihanna’s Samsung deal and Beyoncé’s deal for her Formation Stadium. She is also actively involved in many deals with professional athletes that are signed to Roc Nation Sports.

George Soros’ Advocacy for Change within Societies through Philanthropy

George Soros is the man behind the establishment of the Central European University, an institution with the mission of expanding social sciences and making sure that its students are well equipped with expert knowledge. Most importantly, George is passionate about giving back to the society and changing lives of the needy people. Over the years, he has channelled funds to the Central European University with the aim of supporting the students and the research on social sciences.He is a very successful man who has invested in various business ventures and investments. Most of his profits are for philanthropic works and he is the major donor for Open Society Foundations. Recently, he donated over $32 billion dollars towards fuelling the quest for justice and correction of societal ills. The organization spared some of this money as scholarships to various students to enable them to achieve their dreams.

George Soros struggled his way to becoming a successful businessman . He worked with the railway’s authorities and even in nightclubs for him to pay his college fees while he was studying at London School of Economics. This alone gives him every reason to raise an eyebrow for every child in need of education but not lucky enough to afford school fees. Interestingly, he has supported many people in the society and organizes forums to help them shun away from their inappropriate ways of making a living. This group of people included sex workers and even people dealing in drugs. Moreover, he is the founder of this Open Society Foundation that has changed to lives of many people living in the society. George is of Jewish origin and his experience as a teenager is masked in war and suffering.

However, his contributions to societies and organizations fighting for freedom and human rights is living proof that he is an advocate for change and justice. This has been achieved through Open Society Foundations, a collaboration of various organizations worldwide.To add, his notable contribution to correcting societal injustices and promoting charity is recognized South Africa, the United States of America, Asian countries and many other countries within Africa. He has also supported private organizations that fight for justice and they include the European Council on Foreign Relations, Global Witness, and many others. His organization, Open Society Foundations is also involved in empowering and supporting political leaders all over the world.

Since the establishment of George Soros’ organization, he has contributed chiefly through donation and other types of support to the organizations under his umbrella. The political governments of different nations have straightened up and improved in their governance because of this man. Hillary Clinton was one of the beneficiaries whom he funded their campaigns alongside other Democratic Party aspirants during that time.Due to old age, George Soros believes that Patrick Gaspard who is the Deputy President of the Open Societies Foundations will take over as the organization’s chief executive officer and president. With him in leadership, George is positive that his organization will continue to serve and become the ambassador of change that it has always been for more than 30 years now.