Desiree Perez Keeps Cool at the Negotiation Table

Desiree “Des” Perez, the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation and its music streaming service TIDAL, has been receiving some recognition of late. recently named Perez to is list of 2017 Digital Power Players for her work with TIDAL. It is recognition that is a long time coming for Des, who has been a notable figure in the music and entertainment industry for 20 years. She ran SC Enterprises, the precursor to Roc Nation for several years before she was named COO of Roc Nation in 2009.

In January of 2017 Des took TIDAL to the negotiation table with Sprint and helped secure the best deal in the company’s history. Sprint agree to acquire a 33% stake in the music streaming service for $200 million. The deal gives TIDAL access to the Sprint wireless customer base that is in excess of 45 million customers. This could net billions of dollars for TIDAL in the coming years. In 2017, she also secured exclusive album deals with Kanye West, Rihanna, and BeyoncĂ©. The deals are designed to gain subscribers to the TIDAL app to contend with other streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. The result is an increase in subscribers in excess of one million since February.

Des has been successfully managed many music and entertainment venues in the New York and New Jersey area in the 1990s and 2000s. She has remained one of Jay-Z’s best friends and confidants for over 20 years, so when he needed someone he could trust to run Roc Nation, he turned to Des. She is married to Juan Perez, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Roc Nation. Known as one of the most fierce negotiators in the business, Perez has negotiated many deals including the Rihanna’s Samsung deal and BeyoncĂ©’s deal for her Formation Stadium. She is also actively involved in many deals with professional athletes that are signed to Roc Nation Sports.

Roberto Santiago: The Manaira Shopping Mall is the Place to Be

Brazil is an excellent place for a vacation. The country has numerous activities that offer the modern consumers the kind of relaxation they are looking for. Life has become challenging in the recent times, and people are looking for ways and places to go and have some fun so that they can forget about their problems. Investors in Brazil have done well in the investment industry, and they have done their best to offer consumers the relaxation features they are looking for. None of these investors, however, can match the efforts shown by Robert Santiago. The businessman is not new when it comes to investments in the large nation.


Roberto Santiago realized that the people in Brazil were looking for a place where they could have fun and carry out their daily activities without having to move from one place to the other. Although the competition in the market was very tough, the businessman built a shopping mall known as Manaira Shopping Mall, and it has all the fun features the modern customers are looking for. At the moment, the shopping mall has customers who come from all parts of Brazil and the world. The customers are always looking forward to enjoying the excellent facilities provided by Roberto Santiago and his team.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is considered to be ideal for individuals who are coming to shop with their families. The young children do not have to get bored when their parents are doing their shopping. The facility has numerous games so that the children can enjoy and give their parents the peace they deserve. When visiting the shopping mall, you do not have to worry about getting hungry. The mall has several food areas that will give the consumer the kind of services they need. The food is tasty and very affordable, and this makes the place ideal for middle-class investors.


Do you enjoy watching a movie so that you can relax? The Manaira Shopping Mall is the place you should plan to visit. The mall hit the headlines when it was founded several years ago because of the movie theater it has brought customers. The theater is well equipped with state of the art equipment and screens, and it shows the latest movies. Customers do not have to get worried about their weight too. The Manaira Shopping Mall opened one of the best gyms in Brazil so that its customers can keep fit and reduce stress. The gym has experienced and well-trained professional who will offer the advice you are interested in. You do not have to worry about a concert hall if you are planning an event in Brazil. The mall will offer you the kind of space you are looking for.


Igor Cornelsen, Retired Banker, Current Brazilian Market Analyst – Four Tips Straight From His Mouth

Making a profit through investing in financial markets isn’t necessarily difficult, given one has been exposed to the country’s market they’re investing in for some time. For example, Americans have an advantage over other nationalities when it comes to investing in the United States. Read morE: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor


Those who haven’t lived in Brazil, done business in the Portuguese-speaking nation, or otherwise kept up with news in the South American country shouldn’t bother investing if expecting to turn a profit worth the time involved to generate such returns.

Igor Cornelsen has many decades’ worth of experience in Brazil’s financial markets. Although he’s retired from the business and no longer is involved with trading securities for large organizations like he used to for several decades, Mr. Cornelsen does provide the world with tips for investing in Brazil’s markets.

Here are four tips sourced directly from Igor Cornelsen for making the right moves when it comes to investing in Brazil’s tough markets.

A finance minister that knows finance could spur growth

Guido Mantega and Joaquim Levy, the two most recent finance ministers in Brazil, didn’t do anything positive for Brazil’s markets – they simply held it stagnant or failed to do anything positive.

If a new finance minister shows his face in Brazil – one that actually has experience in fiscal policy and financial markets – it’s possible that markets could shoot upwards as a result.

China has a lot to do with Brazil

Brazil’s largest trading partner is China, ranging from individuals with portfolios of high value to some of the largest entities throughout the world’s most-populated country. If China does well in virtually anything, so will Brazil.

Brazil’s real isn’t really good

The real, Brazil’s sole currency, isn’t worth its asking price. Stay far, far away from currency swaps, buying and holding the real, or anything else associated with the fiat.

Trust the truest banks

There are nine or ten tried-and-true banks in Brazil. Investors hoping to stash their assets in Brazil should never trust small banks, even if they offer great deals to new account holders.

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