George Soros Re-emerges to Support Hillary Clinton in Presidential Elections


George Soros is an entrepreneur hailing from Hungary. He left his country to settle in London where he attained a degree from the school of economics. He worked as a porter as well as a waiter before landing a job in the finance sector. He then shifted to New York City to start Wall Street and founded a funding organization in 1969. The organization was worth $ 12 million. A few years into his first funding the organization’s name was changed to the Quantum Fund. In 1992, Soros harvested impressive profits from his investment funds with the help of Stan Druckenmiller.

Breaking Bank

He was known as the individual who broke the bank in England. His success story in the world of investors and donors remains impressive. The world cheers Soros for his outstanding commitment to substantial investment through the Soros Fund Management. In 2017, he hired Dawn Fitzpatrick to serve in his organization as chief investment officer. Fitzpatrick marks the seventh chief operating officer in Soros Foundation. With his passion and support for liberal initiatives like politics, Soros has been on the opposite page of Donald Trump’s campaign.


Initially, Soros had taken a break from politics. This occurred after his involvement in pitching campaigners against Bill Clinton years back. In 2016, he reemerged to support Hillary Clinton towards her vying for the presidential post. Soros first contribution was approximate $27 million. According to the management of Soros Foundation, he was expected to donate more towards the same initiative. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

CNBC Interview

According to report analysis, Soros is worth $24.9 billion. His participation in Hillary’s campaign team would be a boom to the already existing party. His advisor, Mr. Michael Vachon highlighted to Politico that Soros had been an active contributor to democratic causes. He also added that his anticipation for the 2016 elections was much higher compared to any other elections. Vachon gave a confirmation to CNBC Politico’s reporter that his donations up to that moment were approximately $25 million.

Contribution to Hillary’s Campaign

Soros donated over $25 million towards Hillary’s presidential campaign. Following records by the federal commission of election, the amount covered democratic candidates. It also took care of associates and their political operations. A word from his associates was that Soros was expected to give more towards that same initiative.

About George Soros

George Soros is a successful entrepreneur who commits to donating towards positive initiatives in the world. He is an investor and philanthropist. Through his foundation the Soros Fund Management, he contributes to the development of societies and political parties. His core focus is making the world a better place. That is why to him, Donald Trump was not the right candidate. Most of his beliefs conflicted with Donald Trump’s.

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Soros Aims to Diminish Trump Effect on US

Donald Trump getting into the white house was not something that most people anticipated, as many people wrote him off as a joke, even well into the presidential race. The mainstream media boldly stated that there was no way he would get into the white house and held up polls to show that his presidency was an impossibility. This outcome was something that George Soros, a billionaire investor who was heavily involved in the Hillary Clinton campaign, did not expect as well. His contributions to the Clinton campaign totaled twenty five million dollars, as he fully expected that the donations that he made would help to get her into the white house. The polls showed that Hillary Clinton would win big, but it became very clear that the polls that were taken were absolutely wrong, as Donald Trump literally won in a landslide, despite the fact that Hillary took the popular vote.

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The results have left investors reeling and one of the people that has been hit the hardest has been George Soros. Soros did not expect that Trump was going to get into the white house and for the most part, assumed that the work he did in the election process would help tip Hillary Clinton over the scale. All of the numbers showed that she would easily glide into the presidency, which would have been great for George Soros and the rest of his donors. However, since Donald Trump has won the presidency and will be heading to the white house come January 20th of next year, George Soros has started to come up with a game plan. Since there is little that can be done to prevent Trump from running the country, Soros has started to aim his focus on diminishing the effects that Donald Trump is going to have. Soros has invested a massive amount of money into social issues, which he can still do for the most part, which is probably still going to have a major effect on the country.

George Soros has been heavily involved in Black Lives Matter and is well known for funding the group, dating all the way back to the events that took place in Ferguson, MO. It will likely be these social issues that he now focuses on, as well as upcoming elections that may potentially lessen the power that Trump has. George Soros is sort of going on defense and trying to put a strategy together to stop the changes that Trump is going to make in the following years. Based on the fact that Trump is in power and can make the changes that he has promised throughout the election process, there is little that George Soros can do, aside from trying to put roadblocks in the way and try to make things harder for Trump in the white house.

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