Tour Historic Sites In Shizuoka With Kim Dao

Shizuoka (Japanese: 静岡) is a major city in the Shizuoka Prefecture between both Tokyo and Nagoya. If you’re curious about exploring this wonderful Japanese city, then you’d better check out YouTuber Kim Dao’s video “2 Days in Shizuoka, JAPAN | Filming for a Japanese TV Show | KimDao in JAPAN.” As you can tell from the title, in this video Kim takes her viewers around some major sites in Shizuoka and shows her experience being filmed for Japanese TV.


At the opening of the video, Kim Dao tells us that she is on a bullet train bound for Shizuoka. She is excited to tour the city and work on a project for NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation.


Kim Dao says she was in Shizuoka five years ago as a part of a homestay program in high school. She is really excited to see if the city has changed at all since she was last there.


When Kim Dao arrives at her hotel, she shows us a view of the city at night. She says it looks like everything is just as she remembered it from five years ago.


As Kim is waiting to head downstairs for dinner, she rests on her bed for a bit. She says that while she was reading the Japanese NHK script on the train, she discovered how little Kanji she knows. Kim feels she must dedicate at least one hour each day to learning more Kanji characters and perfecting her Japanese reading skills.


In the rest of the video Kim Dao shows us the various places she is being filmed in for the NHK special. She tells us about how city officials are rebuilding a castle, visits a traditional geta (Japanese:下駄) maker, and checks out an authentic tea house.

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