Securus Does Drone Detection

Recently, drones have been found to be used for all wrong reasons in our correctional facilities. Illegal contrabands, drugs and even weapons have found their way to our prisons through use of drones. In 2016, a South Carolina inmate used a drone to deliver himself tools he used in his escape attempt. This is not only a serious threat to our prison warders but also to other inmates who can be fatally harmed by those illegal contrabands.


The use of drones in our correctional facilities shows how those who try to bleach and hack security system have embraced technology. This can only be defeated with a more effective technology. It took Securus technologies over a year and a half to come up with a system that can detect and prevent these devices.


Securus Technologies, a leading tech company serving several correctional facilities in the US has been in the forefront fighting this vice by offering high technology solutions in our prisons. These include emergency response, public information, biometric analysis and managing incidents. This has made our prisons safer than they used to be.


Recently, Securus Technologies announced a pilot program in securing correctional facilities which so far has been very successful. Drone detection technology though in its trial face, has so far helped in detecting and preventing drones from delivering contrabands in prisons.


The technology uses Digital Antennae Structure (DAS) infrastructure, same as the one used in Securus Wireless Containment Solution. This is a technology that interdicts contrabands, weapons and even drugs before they get into our prisons. More than ten prisons across the country have adopted this tech in fighting insecurity in these prisons. Up to date, it is believed to have prevented more than one million illegal communication attempts in eight facilities. This is according to the data collected by Securus. While this might be disturbing it shows the urgency of having a superior technology to curb this vice.


Though the technology is in its trial phase, it can only get better. Several trials will identify the system’s weaknesses and help the company in strengthening it. According to Securus, the trials have already identified new methods and tactics which will only make the system better.


With this use of the state if the art technology, our correctional facilities can only be safer. Our friends working in these facilities will not live in fear anymore worrying about their safety. Cases of inmates stabbing others with knives delivered by drones will be read-only in history books. Drugs like heroin and cocaine will never see the inside of our facilities and more so, our prisons will be correctional facilities they are supposed to be. Never again will they be dens of drug lords.

How Securus Technologies Ended Up as the Most Innovative Containment Security Company Yet.

Securus Technologies is an American company with a patriotic agenda. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and it dates from way back when it only had a few offices, and when it was operating as a regular commercial public telecommunications enterprise. The company is ever committed to monitoring products and services in order to make the world a safer place. However, that was not always the case. Its initial primary purpose, at its inception and formation, was to simply connect inmates with their family members and friends. However, most criminals seldom reformed and often pursued their vile and aggressive agenda against other prisoners, prison officials and the public outside. They started sneaking contraband communication gadgets into prisons through conniving, corrupt, technologically upfront or violent means. Smuggling even became so high-tech that contraband phones get delivered into prison yards via drones.

The problem of inmates accessing unregulated communication with the outside world created a lasting and damning opportunity for them to coordinate drug trafficking and violent attacks within and outside prisons. Inmates became more dangerous when incarcerated than when free because prisons became a networking avenue for them. Citing such egregious oversight in security and the looming danger that the situation posed to the general security of Americans, Securus Technology started investing in containing criminal communication via contraband phones within cells and detention centers.

The services were since widened to include helping investigators track down criminals, helping in monitoring criminal activities and containing organized criminal communication for the sake of preventing crimes from happening. The company incorporated data reporting features that are instrumental in allowing staff members of correctional facilities and law enforcement officials to conduct investigations. Now, it vastly covers American and Canadian territories in terms of office space and prison market shares. It invests heavily and continuously in developing technology in an effort to make life more secure for Americans and their Canadian neighbors. By the year 2016, the company had invested over 600 dollars in its projects, and it still had plans of investing more just to make sure that the holding facilities it serves got the best out of its technological services. Some of the key services that Securus Technologies provides in terms of inmate illegal communication containment include:

  • Barring all contraband devices within prison facilities from accessing mobile communication networks
  • Providing emergency services to the general public, inmates and law enforcement officers,
  • Helping in incident management via communication monitoring for preventative prediction,
  • Providing the public, through its clientele, with critical cyber crime information,
  • Assisting law enforcement officials in conducting inmate related investigations over organized crime,
  • Servicing and regulating the communication of inmates within its clientele base through its self-service platforms and,
  • Managing data and cyber-security protocols for prisons and other holding facilities.


D.A.’s Are Shocked That Securus Technologies Products Are So Accurate

D.A.’s from all across the United States at the accuracy provided by Securus Technologies products. Thousands of cases have been solved in 2017 alone by the use of Securus products. The main feature that has been used is the phone monitoring. D.A.’s can listen to phone calls between inmates and outsiders, regardless of how long ago they took place. These phone calls can then be brought into court as evidence. Every phone call is clear, and Securus even provides voice authentication to prove the people talking over the phone. Before Securus, there were certain ways inmates could know their calls were being monitored; this could be by certain static frequencies or the like. This is not possible with Securus. There is absolutely no evidence that a call is being monitored.


In addition to helping D.A.’s, Securus Technologies also wants to help the courts. They are developing technology that can be used in any courtroom. The goal of this technology will be for court cases to move more speedily and more accurately. This technology is expected to be ready within the next twelve months, and Securus Technologies is going to make this software affordable for all government.


Securus Technologies is putting together a meeting of state officials, judges, and investors. This meeting is expected to last several days. It will detail the type of software and hardware that needs to be created to help aid courtrooms to move at a better pace. Securus Technologies hopes representatives from every state will be able to attend this meeting. The cost of this meeting is free, and Securus Technologies is even willing to help people with their airfare and hotel rooms. Securus Technologies hopes this meeting will change the way courtrooms operate, and Securus hopes this will be the start of something amazing between Securus and the courts.


Get Superior Inmate Calling Features From A Reliable Network

Securus Technologies is widely known for being one of the largest inmate regulating networks in the industry. They are responsible for monitoring, surveillance, and technical support for inmate calling networks. They recently did an audit on Global Tel-Link that spotted a few irregularities that were quickly corrected. The immediate correction of the few inaccuracies allowed Louisiana customers to receive free inmate calling features for a limited time. A PRN News reported did an article naming Securus Technologies one of the fastest growing inmate communications providers with many advanced technological features that save their customers time and money.


Certification 1 has allowed Securus Technologies to expand their network. They will train over 1,600+ IT professionals in inmate communications, monitoring, and customer service. Inmates around the world will have secure access to high end telecommunications to stay connected to their loved ones. They continue to lead the industry with advanced technological solutions that will maximize your inmate communications. They are proud to say they eliminate the commute to a correctional facility or finding an authorized agent. You can find out more about their features from their official website and receive promotional offers that will give you additional savings.


Securus Technologies Features


– Automated Services

– Advanced Pay

video chat

– Telephone Features

– Picture Mail

– Give Money

– Inmate Voicemail

and more…


Video chat features are brought to you by video giant Vimeo and gives you a high definition picture with superior sound. You can control the picture and the sound with just a few clicks of a button on your smartphone or pc. They offer many services that will continue to make them your number one source for inmate calling. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details today.

Securus Technologies Believes In What They Do

There is a company that comes to mind when speaking of public safety, and that is Securus Technologies. They are all about protecting the public, and they help correction facilities prevent and solve and crimes, even between inmates. They have a variety of techniques that they use in order to do this, and the company is respected and known all over the world for what they do on a regular basis. This company is very passionate about creating a better world for everyone to enjoy.



When they wanted the public to know more about what they do, they published an article that was informative and detailed. In the article, they included a number of comments from officials that they have done business with in a variety of correction facilities. It is evident by what these officials say that the work that the company does is both needed and highly respected. Securus Technologies also invited people and investors to come see what they do at their headquarters in TX, The visitors will be able to see the latest technology and techniques that the company has created in order to prevent and solve crimes.


They want to make it a better place to live, and they use technology to solve and prevent crimes. There are many companies all across the nation that want them to work for them, and the government is included in their business dealings. Over the course of a year, they deal with over a million different prisoners in an attempt to keep everyone safer. With such technologies as videos, incident management and investigations, they are implementing great success in preventing and solving crimes every day. In the future, they will be developing more technologies to use on a weekly basis.



The Leader In Their Industry Is Securus Technologies

At Securus Technologies, they have received an honor, in the aspects, that 11 of their specialists received the

BICSI Installer 1 Certification from BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International. Securus Technologies is extremely proud of this, and they have given their employees noticeable accolades. When Securus Technologies enlists the help of BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, there is a result that is exemplary.

Securus Technologies, The Company

As a leader in their industry, Securus Technologies is a forerunner for technologies that are used to induce higher public safety. Securus Technologies works with the criminal and civil justice organization. At Securus Technologies, they also are continuously helping with a million prisoners every year. Securus Technologies takes enormous pride in creating a team of professional and trained specialists.


BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, The Company


Since BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International has high levels of knowledge and technology, they provide training for other companies. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is also a leader in that industry that continues to produce great results, and will continue to do so.


Securus Technologies


They use these techniques and knowledge to increase the ways that they can assist in keeping the public safe. When Securus Technologies looks into the future, they are seeing that they want to do even more to create a safer North America. Securus Technologies has already seen a worldwide presence, because they are taking notice of what they can do. Using all that Securus Technologies has behind their belts, will only increase what they can do in a world that sees more and more need for what they can accomplish.