The Thought Process Behind the Design of EOS Lip Balm

Although the multicolored orbs of EOS lip balm adorn the shelves of many top name retail stores, this lip balm was not an easy sell when co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller first approached buyers. The fact was that they were up against some pretty well known brands that were already on store shelves. They also had designed their product to appeal mostly to women between the ages of 25 and 35, which was another questionable aspect many potential buyers had. It wasn’t until the team behind Evolution of Smooth chose to contact a female buyer at Walgreens that they found themselves on the path to success.

Giving it a Lot of Thought

When the co-founders of EOS first became interested in launching a new product they didn’t really have a specific item in mind. It wasn’t until they searched the beauty aisles in stores ( that they noticed the generic packaging for lip balms. There were basically two leading brands in this category with both having the same type of tube container with limited flavors. They knew of they were going to succeed in going up against these two established brands they would have to do something revolutionary.

The first step in their process was to create an innovative container for their product. The Lip balm company co-founders of EOS hired a professional to develop some clay models. They decided to go with the spherical shape in a size that would fit in the palm of the hand. They conducted a survey to see what women thought of their package design. They also surveyed women to see what aspects they would find most appealing. This led the team at Evolution of Smooth to create balms that engaged both the sense of smell and taste. The EOS lip balm spherical orbs were also made in shades designed to make them visually appealing.
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