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The Utah-based brand, Saygus is an American-owned company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of smartphones. The company worked with the team at NewsWatch TV to help publicize and promote its latest release; a new line of innovative smartphones which were launched at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain.

When asked to comment on the marketing success and overall experience that the company had working with NewsWatch TV, the Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing, Tim Rush praised NewsWatch’s dedication and professionalism.
NewsWatch prioritized the needs of Saygus, as they have done with all previous clients and saw to it that the message delivery was effective and efficient. In Tim’s words, the team went above and beyond to ensure that they were able to market Saygus’ new product “in the right way, at the right time and through the right medium”.
Rush had nothing but high praise for the NewsWatch TV team, which took care of all aspects of video marketing for the new line of smartphones from Saygus. NewsWatch was in charge of the video’s scripting, project development, on-location production, post-production editing, special effects and eventual distribution.

The show did an excellent job of using all available channels to generate sales and increase awareness for the client’s new line. Saygus’ video segment was aired online through the NewsWatch TV social media platforms and other online networks. 


NewsWatch is a trusted voice in TV and a go-to source for breaking medical and government-related news, as well as consumer, health, technology, travel and entertainment news. 

The American TV show airs on U.S. based AMC and ION Television networks as well as ION affiliates, and is currently hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges, assisted by co-host Michelle Ison. The show additionally features reports by Amanda Forstrom, Chris Vaughn, Eric Forrest, and Scott Steinberg.

Marc Sparks: Living The Entrepreneurs’ Dream

Since graduating secondary school in 1975 in Austin, Texas, Marc has been important in many new businesses—some ridiculously effective and some just awful. Following thirty-four years of entrepreneurialism, Marc has at long last put his adventure and parts of astuteness on paper so others may gain from his encounters.

As indicated by Marc, “God gives us challenges and wrecking conditions so we comprehend the duties that accompany achievement and to keep us humble. One always remembers when or where he earned his scars in life. The main reason a C+ kid like me could fabricate and offer a huge number of dollars of independent items and organizations is the beauty of God. I have zero formal preparing to do the things I do, however, I was conceived with a sharp impulse.”

Marc’s enthusiasm obviously is to construct organizations, frequently from thoughts that others think is impossible. He keeps up a modest bunch of portfolio organizations in his “private” firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP (

Taking an underlying thought, he continues to set up a plan of action as well as an organization culture as he creates both here and now objectives and long-run development arrangements.

Marc oversees by case, setting the examples for his whole group to take after. “I always have my door open; we meet continuously, at this moment! I figure when I could set up a meeting and save gathering rooms, I could simply resolve the test.”

In Marc’s book, They Can’t Eat You, was difficult for him to put together. In it, he shares everything. “I feel like anybody perusing my book will gain considerably more from my unsuccessful endeavors than they will gain from my effective ones.

It’s simple for me to state, ‘Take a gander at me! I began a product organization and sold $200 million a year worth of items,’ however it’s a great deal more instructive for me to state, ‘Take a gander at me! I began a protection holding organization out of my back room and constructed it to about a billion dollar advertise top and afterward lost everything in a ninety-day time span.’

My partners persuaded me to put the book together, and I need my encounters to be a gift for others. My book is for those business people who are losing trust and just can’t get over the objective line with their fantasies.”

Marc is frequently asked two inquiries: “Aren’t you apprehensive of losing?” and “How did you accomplish it?” He replies, “The poorest I have experienced was once when I needed to purchase basic supplies at a service station with my Texaco Visa. I recall right up ’til the present time that even while I was poor, I was as yet amped up forever and enthusiastic about my trip to come.

To aggregate it up—call it numbness or call it a blessing—I have no dread of losing it all. Try not to misunderstand me; I want to win, yet I can’t win them all! It’s life! I have never said I need to be a tycoon.

Being rich to me is having incredible wellbeing, getting a charge out of a solid family, investing energy with great companions, constructing an effective business without any preparation, working with several glad staff individuals, and having a huge number of cheerful clients.

That to me is an awesome day! I trust God gave me an uncommon ‘close off valve’ that some way or another wipes out the dread element. I have so little dread that occasionally I ponder whether there is a major issue with me.”

At the point when asked how he accomplished it, Marc says, “Confidence, Passion, Tenacity, Focus, Savvy of Monetization, and—in particular—an Outrageous Sense of Urgency.

As a business person, I depend on these qualities regularly. Blend these sharpened in qualities with treating individuals the way you need to be dealt with—reasonably, with deference and trustworthiness—and you will succeed!”

Outside of business, Marc has a profound enthusiasm for helping other people through a destitute sanctuary in Texas called The Samaritan Inn ( According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks has been included in this life-sparing undertaking since the late eighties.

“We convey a hand up. I’m about assisting those who need to help themselves. We house around 160 inhabitants a night, and our normal stay is five months. We dismiss around seventy-five individuals seven days who need to get into our program of guiding, budgetary training, work position, family administrations, and wellbeing programs.

I have been conveyed to tears commonly when our occupants graduate, and, after a year, share how well they have done! It’s awesome to experience it!”

Marc’s building energy has likewise proved to be useful with his contribution in Habitat for Humanity; he has assisted in the building of more than twelve homes. Marc is likewise a major supporter of the American Can! Foundation, which is made up of nationwide schools. Through Marc’s “Sparky’s Kids” establishment, he has given more than a thousand new PCs to many needy children to help them break the poverty cycle.

To counter anxiety, Marc Sparks is a true outdoorsman. His biggest enjoyment comes from biking, golf, fishing, hunting, working out, hiking and traveling the world. Marc flourishes with rivalry, both in games and in business.

He has actually gone the world over in twenty-three days and has been to many colorful places, for example, Easter Island, home of the old moai statues; Machu Picchu; Angkor Wat; Morocco; Tibet; Xi’an, China; Agra, India; and the Serengeti. “I accept daring travel as a business visionary’s mecca. I get more motivation and thoughts from my many travels than I do from anywhere else.”