Alex Pall Speaks on Working with Andrew Taggart and Creating “Closer”

In a recent article posted by, a member of The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall, was interviewed about the band’s recent track “Closer” and how working with his partner, Andrew Taggart has changed his life.

When asked how the two men met, Alex Pall revealed that he shared a mutual manager with his bandmate before they knew each other. They were both DJing in their free time and trying to find a way to integrate the dance styled music that they were passionate about into something more than a hobby. After meeting Taggart, the two hit it off instantly and began working together right away. They knew they were onto something big when Taggart moved down from Maine to New York and Pall quit his job at a New York art gallery. Pall was amazed to have found someone who understood his creative direction.

The duo admitted to being worried about building a unique identity in the electronic genre of music. It was a balancing act of creating something that would fit in with the current trends, but would also stand out among the thousands of other songs being made at the same time. A breakthrough came when Pall and Taggart decided to stop formatting themselves and just produce whatever they wanted to. It seems to have paid out with The Chainsmokers growing in popularity, earning themselves five Top 10 Hits and one Number One Hit.

With Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both being DJs, selecting additional artists to be included in a song is a common occurrence. Their Number One Hit “Closer” featured Halsey, a singer and songwriter, and was an instant success. When asked how the process went, Pall stated that it had gone incredibly. The duo had been wanting to work with Halsey for some time and when Taggart and a friend began writing the lyrics to “Closer” they knew that there would be no one else for the job. Pall said Halsey’s voice was strong and unapologetic, which helped the song stand out. They hope to be working with more outstanding artists in the future as they continue to produce music.

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