Securus Technologies Believes In What They Do

There is a company that comes to mind when speaking of public safety, and that is Securus Technologies. They are all about protecting the public, and they help correction facilities prevent and solve and crimes, even between inmates. They have a variety of techniques that they use in order to do this, and the company is respected and known all over the world for what they do on a regular basis. This company is very passionate about creating a better world for everyone to enjoy.



When they wanted the public to know more about what they do, they published an article that was informative and detailed. In the article, they included a number of comments from officials that they have done business with in a variety of correction facilities. It is evident by what these officials say that the work that the company does is both needed and highly respected. Securus Technologies also invited people and investors to come see what they do at their headquarters in TX, The visitors will be able to see the latest technology and techniques that the company has created in order to prevent and solve crimes.


They want to make it a better place to live, and they use technology to solve and prevent crimes. There are many companies all across the nation that want them to work for them, and the government is included in their business dealings. Over the course of a year, they deal with over a million different prisoners in an attempt to keep everyone safer. With such technologies as videos, incident management and investigations, they are implementing great success in preventing and solving crimes every day. In the future, they will be developing more technologies to use on a weekly basis.



Staying Connected to Kids with Video Visitation

Being away from their kids and other family members is often one of the most challenging parts of being imprisoned. While there are some visitation rights provided to inmates, most often do not want their kids to come visit them in jail for fear of the stress and anxiety that comes with a prison visit. For those that are imprisoned and would like to have more communication with their kids and other family members, using a new video visitation service could be very beneficial.

Dallas, Texas based Securus Technologies has recently unveiled and started implementing their video visitation service that is specialized for the prison system. The video visitation service allows a prisoner to access a live monitor from a designated area of the prison. The inmate’s children and other family members will then be able to receive a video phone call from the terminal on either a smartphone or tablet computer. The service is also very secure and can be monitored by the prison system in situations that they see fit.

The video visitation system has been greatly appreciated in facilities where it has been rolled out. The new system will allow an inmate to speak with family on a more regular basis while not forcing them to spend as much time commuting too and from the prison.

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The new video visitation platform is just the latest system provided by Securus Technologies. Securus currently provides a wide variety of technology and security services to nearly one thousand prisons and correctional facilities located across the country. These facilities ultimately then house nearly 100,000 prisoners. Securus is frequently developing new and improved technology equipment, which allows them to continue to be a leader in the field.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.