The Amazing Journey of Mark Hutchinson

In a blog titled “For The Wild“, an interview of Mark HUtchinson is taken so that people could learn about Hutchinson’s perspective about Wild Ark and many other topics. MArk Hutchinson is a very “out-doors” person and loves to go on any journey that he feels is very adventurous. Hutchinson created UNTAMED and that company eventually became another company called Avana which focused mostly on ecotourism. Learn more:

According to the blog post, Mark Hutchinson had to move around a lot when he was a child because his father often moved for work but they stopped moving when his father received a full-time job in Sydney, Australia. Hutchinson received a degree of economics from the University in Sydney ad after he finished his education there, he decided that he wanted to start up a personal training company. With all the fun and experience he gained during his many adventurous journeys across Africa, he was given the idea to create his own adventure company. Hutchinson created UNTAMED because he wanted people that have lived with many of the finer things in life to get back in touch with nature so that they could enjoy and experience everything that it as to offer. The blog post stated that HUtchinson met his business partner Anton Lategan when Hutchinson completed an Eco Training course so that he could become a certified guide in Africa. Attenborough, Oprah, and Wilbur Smith have been depicted to be some of the people that have influenced many of Hutchinson’s ideas. The idea of Wild Ark came to Hutchinson because his main goal was to preserve as much of the wild and as much of nature as possible. Wild Ark was ultimately created si that we can keep the beauty of nature and restore our connection with it. Mark Hutchinson truly stands for a very noble cause. Learn more: