Facts About American Institute of Architects to its Success

     American Institute of Architects (AIA) is known to be one of the professional architects’ organizations that are based in the United States. The headquarter of the group is located in Washington. The primary agenda of the American Institute of Architects is to offer a variety of services such as advocacy to the government, education. Additionally, everything that is taking place within in the organization is within the objectives that are set by the members. Many achievements are associated with the body; these include the improvement of the public image and the support to the professional architectures. AIA has also stretched its limit to work with of the team of experts on matters that relate to the construction with the aim of improving the coordination within the building industry. AIA, through the dedicated members, has earned recognition among the top organization of the architectures across the United States.

The current heads of the AIA are Robert Ivy who is the Executive Officer and Thomas V. Vonier as the president. These are the leading professionals who are steering all the functions which are set to be achieved by the organization. Aside from that, there are a group of specialists who are behind the field work matters of the firm. AIA has a long history. It was founded in the year 1857 by 13 professional architecture with the intention of boosting the scientific and practical issues that relate to their field. The then serving president of the firm was Richard Upjohn. In the year 1857, the company created room for 16 more experts to be part of their team. The move of making inception of the AIA established a distinct group of architects in the United States as anyone could claim to be the one prior the set organization. Furthermore, the firm started setting up the schools of architecture where the members could be licensed as the professional architect in the United States.

The organization further crafted a constitution in the year 1857 which was registered under New York Society of Architects. Members then signed a certificate of incorporation, and the structure was later amended later to allow the artistic and practical profession to combine their efforts as a unit. This elevated the level of the firm and placed it in a better position than it was before. AIA has won the trust of many through the competence of the members.

Currently, American Institute of Architects is administered by some Board of Directors and has employed more than 200 people who are full-time workers.