Communications Solutions Awards Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Top Honors

The proud recipient of Product Of The Year 2016, awarded by Communications Solutions, is a digital product by Talk Fusion. In a recent news article published on a business industry website, Communications Solutions honored the digital product, one out of a family of products created by communication company Talk Fusion, called Talk Fusion Video Chat.


Talk Fusion, a voice, data, video communications company founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina, is headquartered in Florida and sells business communication video-enabled digital products. This award is presented to distinctive communication products and services as determined by Communications Solutions, a mid-sized telecommunications company. The Product of The Year Award celebrates new communications industry products or reinvented communications industry products.


As detailed in the article, the award-winning product by Talk Fusion is a source of immense pride among Talk Fusion members and employees.


In the interview, company CTO Ryan Page comments on the progress of Talk Fusion and the diligence of company employees. Referring to product capabilities and performance of Talk Fusion Video Chat, Page describes the smooth integration of software into existing setups as “a magnificent application.” Page reveals that the award is the highlight of the company and shows how “efficient and innovative Talk Fusion’s team is.” Page also reveals how much his dedication to Talk Fusion and product development has impacted his personal life, describing the learning process as “priceless.”


Regarding future plans, Reina hints of surprises to come down the road stating “this is just the beginning.” Reina mentions the importance of continued creativity in the field and that the receipt of the award does not constitute an excuse for resting on laurels. Reina and team focus on future goals by “staying ahead of the curve.”