Tammy Mazzocco Works Well Because She Has a Plan

Tammy Mazzocco sells real estate in the residential market in Central Ohio, serving four counties around the town of Pickerington, Ohio. She started her career as a secretary for several prominent real estate offices in that area for ten years or so, and then she decided to go into sales because she had seen first-hand what the income potential could be.

She joined her friend and mentor, Judy Gang who owned the Judy Gang and Associates RE/MAX agency and Tammy has been a successful Realtor ever since. She says that she gets the greatest satisfaction in helping families find the home of their dreams in the area, more details can be found on Ideamensch.

Tammy now has a routine that helps to organize and purpose her workdays. She feels that it is important to set goals and then break them down into smaller action steps which makes them much easier to accomplish. Selling real estate is all about taking action, and you have to set objectives to know what to shoot for.

Tammy was once asked what advice she would give to herself if she were younger and just starting out. She answered that she would not take herself too seriously and she would also live without any fear of failure. She went on to say that you have to be able to take the little failures each day that occurs and brush them off, but keep striving and don’t settle.

Believe it or not, when Tammy began her real estate selling career, she was just a bit shy when it came to speaking with clients about their personal finances. This information that a realtor needs to know so the client can be assisted in making the right decisions when purchasing the property. View Tammy Mazzocco’s agent profile here: https://www.trulia.com/profile/tammy-mazzocco-agent-johnstown-oh-zgwx6bks/overview

A fellow salesperson suggested to Tammy that she simply come right out and ask the prospective buyer the needed questions, and then just be quiet and wait. If the person is a prospect, they will answer the questions. From then on, it was easy, and Tammy had no problem from then on.

One principle that Tammy always tries to get across is to treat a prospective buyer in the same manner as she would like to be treated herself when it comes to the buyer’s time and investment. People may be thinking about buying a house, but in many cases, they still have other personal problems too. Tammy tries to help them through with the house part, and in many cases, it helps their attitude, so the other problems work out too.

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The Thought Process Behind the Design of EOS Lip Balm

Although the multicolored orbs of EOS lip balm adorn the shelves of many top name retail stores, this lip balm was not an easy sell when co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller first approached buyers. The fact was that they were up against some pretty well known brands that were already on store shelves. They also had designed their product to appeal mostly to women between the ages of 25 and 35, which was another questionable aspect many potential buyers had. It wasn’t until the team behind Evolution of Smooth chose to contact a female buyer at Walgreens that they found themselves on the path to success.

Giving it a Lot of Thought

When the co-founders of EOS first became interested in launching a new product they didn’t really have a specific item in mind. It wasn’t until they searched the beauty aisles in stores (http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos) that they noticed the generic packaging for lip balms. There were basically two leading brands in this category with both having the same type of tube container with limited flavors. They knew of they were going to succeed in going up against these two established brands they would have to do something revolutionary.

The first step in their process was to create an innovative container for their product. The Lip balm company co-founders of EOS hired a professional to develop some clay models. They decided to go with the spherical shape in a size that would fit in the palm of the hand. They conducted a survey to see what women thought of their package design. They also surveyed women to see what aspects they would find most appealing. This led the team at Evolution of Smooth to create balms that engaged both the sense of smell and taste. The EOS lip balm spherical orbs were also made in shades designed to make them visually appealing.
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Marc Sparks: Living The Entrepreneurs’ Dream

Since graduating secondary school in 1975 in Austin, Texas, Marc has been important in many new businesses—some ridiculously effective and some just awful. Following thirty-four years of entrepreneurialism, Marc has at long last put his adventure and parts of astuteness on paper so others may gain from his encounters.

As indicated by Marc, “God gives us challenges and wrecking conditions so we comprehend the duties that accompany achievement and to keep us humble. One always remembers when or where he earned his scars in life. The main reason a C+ kid like me could fabricate and offer a huge number of dollars of independent items and organizations is the beauty of God. I have zero formal preparing to do the things I do, however, I was conceived with a sharp impulse.”

Marc’s enthusiasm obviously is to construct organizations, frequently from thoughts that others think is impossible. He keeps up a modest bunch of portfolio organizations in his “private” firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP (www.timbercreekcapital.com).

Taking an underlying thought, he continues to set up a plan of action as well as an organization culture as he creates both here and now objectives and long-run development arrangements.

Marc oversees by case, setting the examples for his whole group to take after. “I always have my door open; we meet continuously, at this moment! I figure when I could set up a meeting and save gathering rooms, I could simply resolve the test.”

In Marc’s book, They Can’t Eat You, was difficult for him to put together. In it, he shares everything. “I feel like anybody perusing my book will gain considerably more from my unsuccessful endeavors than they will gain from my effective ones.

It’s simple for me to state, ‘Take a gander at me! I began a product organization and sold $200 million a year worth of items,’ however it’s a great deal more instructive for me to state, ‘Take a gander at me! I began a protection holding organization out of my back room and constructed it to about a billion dollar advertise top and afterward lost everything in a ninety-day time span.’

My partners persuaded me to put the book together, and I need my encounters to be a gift for others. My book is for those business people who are losing trust and just can’t get over the objective line with their fantasies.”

Marc is frequently asked two inquiries: “Aren’t you apprehensive of losing?” and “How did you accomplish it?” He replies, “The poorest I have experienced was once when I needed to purchase basic supplies at a service station with my Texaco Visa. I recall right up ’til the present time that even while I was poor, I was as yet amped up forever and enthusiastic about my trip to come.

To aggregate it up—call it numbness or call it a blessing—I have no dread of losing it all. Try not to misunderstand me; I want to win, yet I can’t win them all! It’s life! I have never said I need to be a tycoon.

Being rich to me is having incredible wellbeing, getting a charge out of a solid family, investing energy with great companions, constructing an effective business without any preparation, working with several glad staff individuals, and having a huge number of cheerful clients.

That to me is an awesome day! I trust God gave me an uncommon ‘close off valve’ that some way or another wipes out the dread element. I have so little dread that occasionally I ponder whether there is a major issue with me.”

At the point when asked how he accomplished it, Marc says, “Confidence, Passion, Tenacity, Focus, Savvy of Monetization, and—in particular—an Outrageous Sense of Urgency.

As a business person, I depend on these qualities regularly. Blend these sharpened in qualities with treating individuals the way you need to be dealt with—reasonably, with deference and trustworthiness—and you will succeed!”

Outside of business, Marc has a profound enthusiasm for helping other people through a destitute sanctuary in Texas called The Samaritan Inn (www.thesamaritaninn.org). According to Good Reads, Marc Sparks has been included in this life-sparing undertaking since the late eighties.

“We convey a hand up. I’m about assisting those who need to help themselves. We house around 160 inhabitants a night, and our normal stay is five months. We dismiss around seventy-five individuals seven days who need to get into our program of guiding, budgetary training, work position, family administrations, and wellbeing programs.

I have been conveyed to tears commonly when our occupants graduate, and, after a year, share how well they have done! It’s awesome to experience it!”

Marc’s building energy has likewise proved to be useful with his contribution in Habitat for Humanity; he has assisted in the building of more than twelve homes. Marc is likewise a major supporter of the American Can! Foundation, which is made up of nationwide schools. Through Marc’s “Sparky’s Kids” establishment, he has given more than a thousand new PCs to many needy children to help them break the poverty cycle.

To counter anxiety, Marc Sparks is a true outdoorsman. His biggest enjoyment comes from biking, golf, fishing, hunting, working out, hiking and traveling the world. Marc flourishes with rivalry, both in games and in business.

He has actually gone the world over in twenty-three days and has been to many colorful places, for example, Easter Island, home of the old moai statues; Machu Picchu; Angkor Wat; Morocco; Tibet; Xi’an, China; Agra, India; and the Serengeti. “I accept daring travel as a business visionary’s mecca. I get more motivation and thoughts from my many travels than I do from anywhere else.”

Equities First Holdings – Changing of Traditional Lending Patterns

Economy in the world is more unsteady than some other time in the current past. While the U.S. economy continues with issues mainly contributed by housing breakdown of 2008, the exit of Great Britain from European Union just made the circumstance worse. Bonds, stocks, and mutual funds have become more unstable as compared with other recent times. The time is a ripe time for Equities First which offers stock loans at a time when getting loans from traditional lenders has become hard. Furthermore, many startups are seeking for easier and better ways of securing working capital.

The organization is an overall pioneer in offering financial solutions and its services came to acknowledgment that more financial pros are using stocks as protection when applying for loan. Also, the services come at a time when many banks are maintaining stricter criteria concerning giving loans. While this is legitimate given the financial crisis in 2008, people looking for loans are using stocks as collateral to cater for all their necessities. This can help people either meet all prerequisites for another project and benefit from a minimal interest rate. Standard loan fees on advances upheld by stocks fall under 3 to 4 percent. In addition, there aren’t any restrictions on these credits. Hence, the borrowers have a broad extent of decisions to secure the loan. More so EFH stock loans come with fewer risks.

Since 2002, the organization has been submitted in helping customers find distinctive ways of financing their challenging projects. Equities First moreover helps in providing clients with capital against an extensive variety of publicly exchanged stocks. With 15 years’ experience in financial sector, the company has gained great reputation by serving satisfied and cheerful clients. Over that duration, thus, the association has transacted over 650 exchanges with a total worth outperforming $1.4 billion and read full article.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Improves Habitually

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has a habit of constantly improving by continually self-examining themselves. Starting out as a smaller, local title company in 1991, the company has processes in place that gives the best of what works and that eliminate those things that don’t work.


Nationwide is the country’s leading wholesale document and title processing company where the majority of top retail mortgage and banking companies The bottom line is the fact that Nationwide delivers in an industry that is very demanding and competitive. The primary statists that are used to evaluate a company like Nationwide are how quickly documents can be located and delivered, and how accurate those documents are when they arrive.


Nationwide has a failure rate of only .78% and a compliance rate of 99.89%. These figures show that the locating and delivery rate, as well as the accuracy, is nearly 100% with nationwide.


Nationwide can reach out to all of the counties and storage facilities in the United States with its unique technology. This includes over 3,600 locations that reliably store and make available the necessary documents needed for property transactions all over the country. If you have ever been involved in a property or real estate closing procedure, you probably remember the relief when it was announced that the documents have all been verified and are accurate and complete.


The training of employees is another huge factor in the success of Nationwide. When a new worker is hired, he or she goes through a comprehensive three-week training program, followed by shadowing by a supervisor until all tasks are mastered. Then there are the extra advanced training modules that employees can go to as well. These modules are voluntary, but the do lead to advancement. At any point, there are roughly 50% to 70% of the workers involved.


One of the other very important processes is the examination of past performance which leads to the elimination of negative processes and the discovery of what went right. Chelsea Seguin who is the Assistant Vice-President of Filing just wrote a White Paper on the subject. She wrote the paper to reach out to lenders to help them, in addition to Nationwide, to isolate positive activities and isolate them for future use. It has been well received by hundreds of lenders.


Nationwide is constantly on the move with new programs designed not only to help themselves but to help others as well.


Visit http://www.nwtc.com/ for more details.


Selecting An Experienced Investment Advisor for Building Your Portfolio

If you’re interested in starting a lucrative venture or investment, or if you want to become a stock trader, it is imperative to follow in the footsteps of someone who is successful in the field. Jim Hunt VTA Publications, has been providing excellent tutorials and training programs to people around the world and is considered one of the best in his field.

The idea of entering in the stock trading field, or starting your own lucrative business, is a desirable option for many people around the world. Imagine being your own boss, setting your own schedule and making money from home on prnewschannel.com. In addition to these appealing factors, if you have a computer, Internet access and a quality course or guide book you can enjoy success. Unlike many regular jobs, you do not require a college degree, experience or special training.

A stock trading expert like Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a great source of quality information on how to get started and reach your goal. Jim provides in-depth knowledge on various business opportunities and investing options, including stock trading. His course, Wealth Wave, is available from VTA Publications and is a fabulous guide on how to make huge profits trading in the stock market. Jim also has many other wealth building books and information products.

When it comes to business or any other venture, you need to do your research before starting. You want to be sure you have the right information and acquire the knowledge you need to implement your ideas on linkedin.com. It is always advisable to rely on the expertise of those who have already achieved the level of success you desire.

You can make online, whether you want to start a business from scratch, buy an existing business or start stock trading or any other investing vehicle. As long as you have the right information and essential resources, you can attain financial success.

Jim Hunt and his reputable publishing company, VTA Publications, are a great source of business and wealth building guides, tutorials and training. Thousands of people across the globe rave about the outstanding profits they’re making simply by applying what Jim teaches.

Kevin Seawright is an All-around Economic Strategist and Philanthropist

Kevin Seawright is a Newark-based professional accountant and project manager. He has unrivaled experience of working across different sectors, ranging from local government, real estate, as well as education. He has built his career on a firm foundation of reliability and accountability. He has earned respect from other leading economic strategists due to his ability to oversee company reorganization strategies in New Jersey.

Seawright joins Newark CEDC (Newark Community Economic Development Corporation)

Newark CEDC, an organization that promotes economic development in New Jersey through attracting and expanding businesses, has named Kevin Seawright in its top leadership team. The entity spurs real estate development across the Newark city.

The appointment of Seawright, a high-ranking financial executive, and economic strategist is in line with Newark CEDC’s mission for tapping into new markets and establishing new businesses. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: https://angel.co/kevin-seawright

Seawright’s professional expertise

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has leveraged his unsurpassed experience in the financial service industry to help East Coast communities actualize their ideas and establish prosperous businesses. His professional expertise spans around offering financial management services to local government agencies.

While serving as the Fiscal Officer of Commission on Aging and Retirement of Baltimore, Seawright developed and implemented a unique accounting system, which saved the entity over $100,000 in funds.

Subsequently, he joined the Baltimore’s Housing Authority as the Payroll Director and ascended to the position of Finance Director in charge of the Homeless Services Division.

Then, he became a senior employee of the Department of Recreation and Parks, holding the position of Chief Financial and Facilities Officer. Seawright retired from serving as an employee of the city of Baltimore by serving as the deputy COO in the education industry for six years.

Community involvement

Kevin Seawright has been leading supporter and benefactor of several community initiatives. Seawright’s mission is to improve the quality of life and transform the world into a superb place to live. He served on the governing council of Babe Ruth Museum and offered training to several youth sports teams.

Seawright is a prominent member of professional associations such as National Association of Black Accountants, American Society for Public Administration, and National Forum for Black Public Administrators. Through Newark CEDC, he contributes to the development of the real estate and housing sector in Newark.

The Miracle of WEN: Emily’s Story

In an article published on Bustle.com, a woman named Emily McClure stated that she was having no luck with her hair. That’s when she decided to invest in WEN Cleansing Conditioner, especially after seeing infomercials about the product on QVC. For her WEN by Chaz experiment, she posted photos of her hair before and after using this miracle product for the span of one week. On her first day, she had been on various planes, trains, and automobiles. As a result, her hair became greasy, frizzy, and unruly. Due to the stress, she thought that it would be a good idea to start using her WEN Cleansing Conditioner on that particular day.

The end results were amazing: Emily’s hair was looking fabulous and it had perfectly held her bouncy curls. Her hair was 100% more manageable and was easier for her to style. Emily’s WEN Cleansing Conditioner routine was to wake up early and style her hair with no trouble at all. In Emily’s case, Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner was a real life-changer. As she wrote, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is an all in one ordeal. It shampoos, conditions, replenishes and maintains for healthy hair.

WEN by Chaz is a true miracle for your hair. Chaz Dean is a creator by heart, and his contributions to the world of hair care have absolutely made an outstanding impact for hair fanatics everywhere. Where else can you turn to for an all in one conditioning cleanser that brings your hair back to life with abundant shine? Chaz Dean has also created styling creams, hair mousse, replenishing treatments, and much more. He has his own salon where he uses his incredible products on his clients. Additionally, Chaz Dean styles hair for fashion shows and award shows. Chaz sells his products online on Guthy-Renker and on his official Chaz Dean Store.

If you check out the website article on Bustle, which is listed above, you can see for yourself how miraculous WEN Cleansing Conditioner is.

Follow Wen: https://twitter.com/wenbychazdean

Mike Baur Connecting Startups with Investors

If you are entrepreneur just starting your business, you certainly understand the financial struggles accompanied by it. At this point, basically no investor is willing to invest and no bank is willing to lend you money. It gets even tougher when you have no mentor to guide you through. But with an accelerator program, things become much easy. If you are in Switzerland and are finding it difficult to grow your new startup, then consider joining the Swiss Startup Factory.


The main man behind the Swiss Startup Factory is Mike Baur. He is one of the co-founders and currently works as the managing partner. His role at the startup factory has been fine-tuned with over 20 years of experience in the banking industry where he took accounting and financial role. He even worked for UBS and continues to serve as a board member for one of the biggest banks in the nation. He holds a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester which is based in New York. He also has an Executive master’s degree from Berne University of Business. Such a solid education background has been instrumental in the various roles that he handles at the Startup factory.


Swiss Startup Factory was founded in the year 2014. Baur deemed it fit to invest in the company, being that he was already into the business. After he quit being employed by the banking industry, he had decided that he would be helping startup entrepreneurs financially. So when the idea to found a Startup Factory came up, he was more than interested. Together with other like-minded individuals they founded Swiss Startup Factory. This company is based in Zurich and was given the name factory because its aim is to produce successful businesses that will deliver products to consumers.


At the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur holds several roles. First, he is in charge of financing. He maintains of some great contacts which he uses to get financiers to invest in the selected startups. These investors come from Switzerland and all around the world. He is also involved in coaching the various entrepreneurs. He majorly deals with governance and business planning issues. He makes them understand that good business planning is important for a business to be successful. Other than that, he trains them on forming proper governance structures for their companies.



How Adam Milstein Became a successful Entrepreneur

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist, a real estate investor, and community leader. He is a native of Israel who during Yom Kippur Warfare, was working for IDF. Adam graduated in the year 1978 from the Technion and later after arriving in the US in the year 1981 he acquired his MBA from the University of Southern California. In 1983 he began a career in Southern California as a Commercial Real Estate investor.

According to Crunchbase, Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council and served there as a National Chairman as well as the chair of the Council’s national expansion. Adam is also one of the founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and offers various charitable services to multiple organizations so as to reinforce the State of Israel, the Jewish people, and the relationship between U.S. and Israel.

The philanthropic services that Adam offers include partnership development consulting as well as fundraising so as to support programs that improve the Jewish community.

The interview with IdeaMensch:

  • Where did the idea of Hager Pacific Properties come from?

The idea of Hager Pacific Properties started ringing when I decided to become an investor in real estate after working for three successful years as a Real Estate Commercial broker. This is because I realized that my life experience and knowledge was not appreciated.

  • How do you make your typical productive?

You cannot foretell what your day will look like when you are in business but after involving myself in philanthropic activities, my days at work are entirely satisfying.

Learn more about more Adam Milstein: https://www.facebook.com/adam.milstein.5

  • How do you bring ideas to life?

Keep on pushing your ideas until you succeed to make them a reality. What somebody else fails to do, do it if you just believe in yourself and don’t take anything for granted.

  • What are the challenges that an may entrepreneur encounter?

Never put everything that you have into one venture hoping that you’re going to succeed within a very short time. A fortune cannot be made overnight.

  • What are the strategies useful for the growth of the business?

Do not set a goal that will limit you. Always do the best by being self-driven and work hard all the time. Criticism is the one thing you should not pay attention to at all. Keep it to yourself that you are on the right path.