Rejuvenation Biotechnology with Jason Hope

There is a saying that goes, “The only certainties in life are taxes and death.” However, it looks like the list is getting shorter as new biotechnology practices in the medicine filed are rejuvenation the industry. The SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Foundation is an organization that seems to be on the cusp of realizing the key to eternal youth.Jason Hope, a major investor in the organization, points out that SENS anti-aging is not just working towards living forever but more importantly, having a better quality of life. Jason Hope supported SENS Foundation with a half-million dollar donation that went towards the construction and stocking of a laboratory in Cambridge, England.

Bringing together all his donations, Jason has put more than $1 million dollars in SENS organization. Jason is not for succeeding in predicting technological trends. This has helped many companies build on their market analytics hence earning him the reputation he enjoys as a leading futurist. Jason has an opinion about how the human body works. He believes that humans are like vehicles which are prone to break down when they are used more often. In relation to the metabolic systems, Jason says that the survival capacity goes down as one gets old hence becoming more vulnerable to illnesses. He highlights that even though the young generation is affected by diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other heart problems, age is the most common risk factor to developing most health problems.

SENS organization is more inclined towards preventing persons from contracting diseases instead of treating individuals who are already affected by the diseases. As such, the organization is at the forefront of rejuvenating biotechnology in the medical community as a way of helping humans live longer and without diseases. His recent financial donation is being directed towards age breakers. These are treatments that focus on advanced glycation end products, which build up in muscle and skin tissue as one gets older. Research has shown that these end products are highly related to blood vessel elasticity and skin degradation. Jason earned his first degree from Arizona State University where he studied finance. Years later, he got a master’s degree in business administration from the same university. He has since become a considerably high achiever in the business world. He is one of the best business advisors and oversees many projects in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason spends most of his free time in philanthropic activities.