Abdulla Al Humaidi Is A Well-Respected Leader

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Important Information About The Aqueous Resort


In case you didn’t know, Abdulla Al Humaidi and his team at Kuwaiti European Holding Group are proud to announce that the Aqueous Resort is almost near completion. Isn’t this extremely exciting? The team will work with an Egyptian-based company to finish this big project sooner rather than later. The team has also invested in Ebbsfleet United Football Club. Just recently, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi announced that the London Resort is another one of the team’s prominent investments. 


The London Resort


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Important Background Information About Abdulla Al Humaidi


Abdulla Al Humaidi has been an employee of Kuwaiti European Holding Group for well over ten years. Did you know that he has been the primary leader of many companies in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia? He has held many titles over the years such as chairman and CEO. He attended medical school for several years, and he is now a prominent doctor.  He is also a big supporter of Ebbsfleet United Football Club. Do you want more information about Kuwaiti European Holding Group? Make sure to check out its website.